Judgement Day – Sydney Dragway event report

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The organisers of the popular grass roots Day of the Drags meeting at Sydney Dragway have a new creation, Judgement Day.


Judgement Day is in the same mould as the Day of the Drags format but for classics and muscle cars of the chrome bumper era of an Australian and American origin And to spice up what is a relaxed day of do-it-yourself racing an Australia versus USA format was devised. Like all other Day of the Drags meetings the first half of the day consists of running as many laps as you can before some elimination and grudge racing features after lunch.

The weather was a typical Sydney summer hot humid with a chance of thunderstorms day, fortunately the latter left the track alone this time. Around 40 cars took up the challenge reminiscent of the Day of the Drags in its early times, and as is the norm a few surprises show up in the pits.

So what happened ?

Well the inaugural Aus vs USA chrome bumper battle was taken out by a whole lot of American muscle in Stephen Peruch’s ‘67 GTO.

Mick Van Ryn was doing it for the Aussie brand in his UC Torana but broke out in the final running 12.03 on a 12.10 DI

Peruch had a issue before the final, the many laps took a toll on the battery and assistant had to be called so he could start for the final.

One of the coolest things about these private days is you don’t what is going to show up, like Damien Kemp’s “Funderbolt” ’64 Fairlane and Steve Biggs’ ’56 Chev gassers

Damien Kemp ducked into the 10’s on his first run before dialling back to stay within the days ET limits

Biggs’ Chev still carries a Castlereagh sticker and carts not too shabby 11 second ETs from the 502ci BBC.

Steve Corr hit the track for the first time with his injected Nova gasser.

Luke Griffith’s tortured the tyres on his last run of the day, he also made it to the semi finals of eliminations in his Satellite.

Falling in the other semi final was Simon Jabour’s Corty to Peruch.

Carl Taylor wasn’t afraid to blaze the hides in the heat either.

Anthony Scopelleti had his new Super Sedan out for some shake down runs

Greg White’s Coronet added some more Mopar power to the day

John Matsaniotis Chev Truck was definitely the finest looking car on track.

Matthew Gillespie HQ Tonner heads off for another 11 flat pass

Paul Falzon didn’t mind skidding the Torana, though the 355 stroker didn’t quite last out the days punishment.

This EK steered by Ron Vella may not win a top show car award anytime soon, but its nostalgia racing at its purest.

Troy Fewing has been supporting Day of the Drags meetings since their conception in his FX Holden

These days couldn’t be possible without the support for sponsors John Matsaniotis from Hi Rail Service, Dan & Michelle Ind from Plastixs and Tony O’Donnell from Shannons Insurance. The organisers would also like to extend their thanks to  John Henman and Ray Treasure from Sydney Dragway.

The next Day of the Drags meeting on the 26th March 2011 is shaping up to be the biggest yet so anyone interested drop a email Joseph at info@dayofthedrags.net  

Photo gallery by Cackling Pipes Photography with plenty more photos from the day available.

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