VIDEO: ‘JUNII’ wins R32 GT-R street fight – 6.97 202mph

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We have been following the hectic battle raging between Sydney R32 street GT-Rs in their bid to for the firt six second pass in the world.

The two main protagonists in the street fight are the Anthony Mattouk driven ‘KNG32’ and Robert Marjan in the Croydon Racing Developments machine who have been trading ET and MPH World Records over the last couple of years.


‘KNG32’ looked to be favourite making a leap in performance to card a string of 7.00 runs, but last Friday night JUNII cracked the double ton with a 201mph pass on a 7.10 ET personal best.

Today at a private Sydney Dragway test day, Marjan in JUNII smashed out a 6.97 at 202mph off the trailer to win the long standing GT-R war.



The cars comply to the agreed upon Pro Street GT-R rule set, which run valid registration, radial tyres, full interior, and weigh in over 1500kg which is heavier than the stock weight.

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