Junior Drag Bikes set to debut at Willowbank Raceway

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IHRA Australia are set to introduce Junior Drag Bikes at the upcoming New Year’s Thunder event at Willowbank Raceway.

IHRA CEO Maurice Allen said it was an initiative he was passionate about.

“I see it as an opportunity not only to grow our sport but also to offer another pathway for our junior competitors to follow,” he said.

“I am pleased that Willowbank Raceway has got behind this by wholeheartedly agreeing to run Junior Drag Bike as an exhibition bracket at their forthcoming New Year’s Thunder event on January 4.”

Willowbank Raceway president Tony Wedlock was excited for the new class to arrive at Willowbank. 

“Whilst I understand it is an exhibition category at the moment, I feel the category will have the capacity to not only grow the sport but also present many opportunities to those race teams that will be competing in it.”

Two classes have been designated to Junior Drag Bike:

• A/JDB: maximum engine capacity 300cc and a competitor minimum age of 14 years.
• B/JDB: maximum engine capacity 150cc, competitors aged from 12 years.

For existing licence holders or those wishing to access further information, please contact IHRA Australia head office on (03) 9736 9578.

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