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Kelly Corbett is known as one of the toughest racers in the country in Modified, with several gold Christmas trees to her name.


 Now she is taking on a new challenge, stepping into Super Compact with the opportunity to pedal the Collin Willshire/Jett Racing CC/SC Datsun 1200 Ute.

 “It really was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. I had a conversation with Rob Novak (previous pilot of the car) at a friend’s dyno session where Rob was doing the tuning. I expressed how much I loved the Ute and how I would love to drive something like that one day.

 It’s so much fun to drive, I love having a lot more to do and think about when driving the car.

 “Rob then expressed this to Collin and it went on from there. It was the 2012 Nationals, I was in the Jett Racing pit area with some friends and in a casual conversation with Collin, he asked me if I would like to have a steer of the Ute, and of course, the answer was a big YES!” said Kelly.


corbett dragphotosRob Novak has made the decision to step away from driving the car due to business and personal commitments, but is still involved with Jett Racing as a tuner of all the cars, giving Kelly an opportunity that she could not refuse.


So far Kelly has done around 15 passes in the car in testing with a best pass so far of a 7.41 at 188mph.


 “It’s so much fun to drive, I love having a lot more to do and think about when driving the car.


 “There are many variables and things you have to get right on a pass, when it all comes together it is the best feeling! Turbo drag race cars have always looked exciting and challenging to drive and that’s exactly how it is,” she said.

“The dragster is obviously a lot less complicated to drive, but it’s that way for a reason.


“It’s set up to be a consistent and straight running race car to win DYO racing and for that it is a great race car. I will still be racing the dragster at selected events which I will not be driving the Jett Racing Ute.” said Kelly.


The schedule of events where Kelly will be racing the CC/SC weapon at will be:

-Sportsman event at Willowbank in February
-Sydney Jamboree April
-Brisbane Winternationals June
-Brisbane Jamboree September
-Nationals Sydney in November


 Jett Racing would like to take this opportunity to Thank it’s major sponsors, Garrett Turbos, Motul Oil, Prime Signs & Speed Elec, Definition Motorsports, Phil O’Brien at Performance Wholesale, Turbo Supplies, ET Chassis and Race Cars and CPWS.


Kelly would also like to thank Collin Willshire for having faith in her and for giving her the opportunity to drive the Datsun Ute.


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