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Former Australian Modified champion Ken Stewart will be heading into this weekend’s Aeroflow Sportsman round at Mildura with a new Spitzer built dragster.

“The dragster was built by Spitzer Race Cars in the US and is based on a 260 inch Top Dragster design. ” said Ken Stewart on the specifications of the state of the art piece.

“The car is set up for a small block Chev and Powerglide, the benefit of this car is its stableness due to its length and the adjustable slip joints on the chassis which should allow us to adjust the chassis to tune the car to varying conditions at different tracks.”

“The car also has a full carbon interior and body with all the latest electronics and ignition system.”

Stewart has been busy preparing the car for the track following its arrival from the US in mid July and also had to extend the teams trailer to fit the new ride. 

Fuchs along with all other long time sponsors are continuing their support of the dragster with a new addition in R&J Batteries. 

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First look at the new design. Creative experts YBI designed the livery which was applied by Total Fleet Imaging. 

The team have had little time to run in the dragster following a wash out at Adelaide, but managed to sign off on licensing at Calder Park. 

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“Our first attempt at racing the car was at Adelaide back in August, but unfortunately the weather did not allow us to even get onto the track,” said Ken.

“Our next outing was at Calder Park two weeks ago where I was able to complete the necessary ANDRA performance testing with a burnout and half pass, then a full pass which was a 7.60 at 165mph.”

” I was extremely happy with how the dragster handled.”

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Stewart hints that there will be more than Modified duties coming up in the future.

“My plans are to run the car with the aspirated motor for a season or so, with the intension of fitting a blown motor,” he said.

“Mildura will be its first time in full competition and looking forward to competing in a tough Modified field.

“Then we will be at the Fuchs Spring Nationals in Adelaide in October, then onto the Nationals at Sydney in November.”


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