Keys goes to B Final for WA TD Champs

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Wayne Keys was keen to repeat his opening event performance at Perth Motorplex and went close, earning a B Final win in the WA Top Doorslammer Championship.

Keys explained that the team started with a set up that was similar to that successful first outing.

“The first qualifier was scheduled for 3.35pm and we were ready to go,” he said. “Keeping with a similar set up to the first meet, the car left well though started to spin the tyres just off the start line. We were in the non-preferred lane and the track had a bit too much temp in it to handle our fairly aggressive tune up.

“Back in the pits we discussed the run and decided to leave the car exactly as it was for the next run. This time we were in the better lane and as a testament to the boys’ ability to read the track conditions, the car left really well and I ran it through for a 6.01.

“This run qualified us third in the field and set us up for an 8.00pm elimination round against Daniel Gregorini in his Camaro.”

Keys was in for a tight race with the Westernationals champion, going to side by side 5.95s.

“Unfortunately for us, Daniel’s reaction time was slightly better (by approx 0.03 of a second) and this was enough for him to take the win light,” he said. “The good news is, under the track rules, if there are only three winners from the 8.00pm elimination round then the quickest loser gets to run in the B final. Luckily for us, we got to run again.

“Back in the pits, the maintenance was completed and we ran against Marty Dack in his BA Falcon. Again, on the flash of amber, we both left the start line, this time it was our car with the reaction time advantage and again, the cars were side by side however at about half track the Falcon dropped back and we ran the car through for an early shut off 6.04 and the win light.

“Although it wasn’t the coveted A final, we were still very happy to come away with the B final win. The car has since been stripped down and all looks good so it can go back together for the next meeting in just under two weeks time.”


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