Keys Monaro found, but where?

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WA Top Comp champion Wayne Keys recently moved on his venerable Holden Monaro to a new owner and now the question remains, just where has this five second doorslammer ended up?

We haven’t got many clues for you, only that the car is in Queensland with another former champion, albeit of a different category.

As for Keys Family Motorsport, they are now working towards a new car. It will be another supercharged door car suitable for AA/AP and Top Doorslammer and they report it will hopefully be ready to test near the end of the next season.

In the meantime they will be working with their crew (and Neville Bowden) who will have an opportunity to share the driving in a dragster with one of the team’s race motors. It’s a reward for their many years of service on the car, with the dragster to compete in Supercharged Outlaws.


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