Killer 8 second one of a kind Grange

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Yes that’s right an eight second Holden Grange! Josh Calgaro has turned heads with one impressively quick machine.

Calgaro has owned the Grange since 2007 and it has seen a number of different engine combinations since starting life as supercharged power-skidding monster at Powercruise. Since those days – and a fair bit of mechanical carnage – Calgaro turned to Bill from BK Race Engines to build a new engine.

“Having enough I finally asked BK Race Engines to build my new motor, which we decided to go with a twin turbo Dart LS Next 427,” said Calgaro. “Had enough of superchargers – Bill being pretty involved with a lot of fast cars at the track, he kind of persuaded me to build the car in a way that I can race it, street it, and Powercruise it. So we started from scratch, the only thing I kept was the box and front brakes, the rest of the car is brand new.”

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The Grange was completely rebuilt and now ready to race. After a easy half track license pass, the time was now to stand on the power.

“I had never raced before so my good mate rolled me into stage and I began the transbrake and 2 step”, said Calgaro, “Took a while to come up on boost – the suspence was killing me while I waited. It came up and I let it go, and f@#k me, I was in for a ride.”

“The car lauched like I have never felt it do and the thing was on rails, I had my foot buried as I banged through the gears and before you know it the chute was out, the blokes at the end of the track could see my smile through my helmet I reckon.”

The Grange stormed through the traps at 156mph on a 8.968 second ET – not bad for a luxury car that weighs in at a hefty 4200lbs on its first full pass.

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The Dart LS Next 427 engine outputs 1242hp at 1070ft lb of torque with aid of two 7675 Precision turbos, with the power being transferred to the ground through a Al Race Glides 3 speed Turbo 400 and TCE converter, down to a set of 315/60-15 Pro Radials for traction.

Seven seconds is not expected to be out of the question once the tune up is developed, and you will be able to see the Grange – with a stunning new look – this weekend at Grudge Kings.



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