Kylie Tanner stands tall as Super Street Champion

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Kylie Tanner didn’t manage an event win during the 2015/2016 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series but it didn’t matter.

When the season came to a close at AIR, Tanner stood tall as the new 2015/2016 Super Street Champion.

On four occasions at the Desert Nationals, South Coast Raceway, the Australian Nationals and the ANDRA Championship Grand Final, Tanner raced to the final round only to agonisingly break out on each occasion.

In two of those finals it was a loss to Championship rival Harry Harris setting the stage for a duel in the last race of the season where if they both progressed, they would meet in the final with the Championship at stake.

Ultimately Tanner held up her end of the bargain but Harris was eliminated in Round 4 by Tony Barbara – the same driver who had eliminated Tanner twice earlier in the season – allowing Tanner to claim the title with a solo pass in the same stanza.

It capped a huge year of travel for Tanner competing at 8 of the 10 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series events to finally reach the pinnacle after just falling just shy in recent years.

“Winning the championship was a dream for myself and Gary!” said Tanner.

“We would like to thank everybody involved in our journey, dream and achievement.

“The Drag Racing community is always hugely supportive of us, none more than; Outlaw Speed Shop, GTR Supplies, Chief Fire Design, Glass Bead Technology, Viking and Firecorp, with their endless support.

“We sincerely thank everyone that keeps the operation rolling day to day; Michael and Simone Harvey and family, Enzo Demizio, Kylie Derrington, Shane and Jo Chester, Andrew and Sarah Favotti, Sam and Madeline Franze, Jim Wyatt, Julian Springhetti, both mine and Gary’s family and friends and so many others.

“The driver’s role is such a privilege and not always easy, but the way Gary coordinates the teams race craft, equipment, cars, logistics, R&D etc. just staggers me, and I love you dearly for it Gary. Yes Gary, this is officially your first Gold Christmas tree as I dedicate this to you!

“Our passion, enthusiasm, technical prowess and dogged relentlessness for drag racing has exposed us to so many of life’s emotions, the situations are always astounding, good and bad, but these are always offset with the feeling of family we get from our ANDRA friends from all over the country and beyond. We are acutely aware how polar racing can be and we maybe a little bit behind the 8-ball at the moment, but we will be back.”

ANDRA congratulates Kylie and Gary Tanner on winning the 2015/2016 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series Super Street Championship.

Image credit: Cara Bertoli

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