Lagana versus Connolly in first round at Vegas

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Dom Lagana will face off against the highly fancied ex-Pro Stock champ Dave Connolly in first round of racing at the Summit Racing NHRA Nationals after nailing eighth place in qualifying.

“Your always pleased when you make the field,” said Rapisarda Autosport International co- tuner Santo Rapisarda Junior. “The competition is so tough in Top Fuel. To qualify ahead of the likes of Larry Dixon and Antron Brown will mean little on race day but it does show that we are on the right track.”


Day two of qualifying saw track temperatures nudging 130F and gave little hope to teams looking to improve on their day one performances.
Prior the first run of the day it was all hands on deck at RAI after engine warm- up when the team discovered malfunctioning air timers forcing the team to replace all 20 air timers. The team made the start line with minutes to spare. Lagana got the car off the line then advanced to around 100 feet before hazing the tyres. His fourth and final qualifier ended on the hit when the car smoked the tyres.


“Overnight we plan to make some changes to the fuel system and clutch set up that we expect will give us an edge. We will have lane choice but that shouldn’t make much of a difference. If we are going to win it won’t matter whether it’s the left or right.” Said Rapisarda.



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