Lisle heading back to the ADRL

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Sydney Competition Eliminator racer Matt Lisle will be heading back to the US to compete in the ADRL Extreme 10.5 and NHRA Pro Mod.

Lisle is no stranger to ADRL competition, previously running his current twin turbo AA/APAI Probe in the class before shipping it back to Australia.

This time though Lisle will be driving for another team.

“I will be driving for Jenson Tech, Andy Jensen is the owner and the car is his Extreme 10.5 (XTF) 1968 Camaro which runs a small block Chev with a single turbo,” Lisle said.

“This year is just a test to see how we work together and I am yet to find enough funding for the complete season next year but we are working hard to get something together,” he said.

Lisle was not actively looking to return to the ADRL.

“It all came about last year when we were at IHRA race in New Hampshire and Andy (Jenson) lifted on a pass, some shit slinging started between us and at the end of all the joking around that weekend I said if he ever need a driver or the car was for sale to call me,” he said.

“Two months ago he called and said he was super busy with work and did I want to run the car, I said no I am trying to start a family and work is too busy so I couldn’t do it.

“A couple of things changed and I was talking to him about a new engine for the Probe and the Camaro came up, I said f**k it!, let me know when you want to do something and I will work around that,” he said

“Now it is just a matter of going over there and giving it a go and hope that we can get a financial arrangement with someone to do all the races, and just make sure that I can get down the track safe and fast enough to be competitive.

“No matter what the outcome ends up like it will be a massive learning curve as far as knowledge and experience that I will gain,” he said.

The plan at this stage for Lisle is to fly out after the Australian Nationals to test in Maryland on the 18th and if all goes well will head to Ohio for his first ADRL race, the team will also be looking to compete in Pro Mod at the E-Town Shakedown event as well.

Lisle may look at bringing the Camaro back to Australia during their winter for some extra testing, with conditions too cold for productive testing in the US.


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