LTFR dragster to race in honour of Anita Board at Willowbank in January

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As a tribute to Anita Board, Lamattina Top Fuel Racing will run a unique #ponypowerforever livery at the upcoming New Year’s Thunder event at Willowbank Raceway.

LTFR team driver, Kelly Bettes, recently drove the Jett Racing junior dragster at Willowbank Raceway on the 25th of November as a part of a tribute to Anita and her family.

Kelly explained, “It was quite an emotional experience for me and everyone that attended.

“After that weekend, myself and Phil (Lamattina) spoke and thought it would be a great idea to race in honour of Anita at the January event.”

The tribute has particularly resonated with Kelly given she, like Anita, was a Junior Dragster racer.

“My racing journey started just like Anita’s!”

“Having come from the Junior Dragster category, I feel like Anita can live in all our hearts and minds doing 300mph+, it’s something I want to do for her.

The LTFR team is looking to support the Board family in any way that they can, during this time.

Kelly added, “Another really important aspect for me is to show encouragement to Anita’s sister, Zara. For us to provide support for her to continue in the sport and turn her dreams into reality, as well as all the other Junior Dragster drivers out there.”

“We all love the sport of drag racing and this will help show Australia and the world how we all come together to support one another as a community.

The Board family will be in QLD on a family holiday and they will also be attending the event.

The LTFR team will have the Board family as guests in the pit area during the event and Kelly has personally arranged to have Ian and Sonja on the startline for a run as well as having Zara involved in the race day activities.

Kelly added, “This whole thing has effected a lot of us emotionally and this is one way we would like to pay our respects to Anita and give the family a positive experience back at the track.

“Pony power forever!”

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