Maatouks Racing goes on a world record spree

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Sydney-based Maatouks Racing has returned to the drag strip with a vengeance, claiming a heap of world records in a matter of days with their collection of RB-powered machines.

With Sydney Dragway reopening following a COVID-19 shutdown, the Maatouks were ready to attack the track with three of their famous rides.

First out of the gate was the Metro GTR, the team’s more race-oriented car, which became not only the quickest GTR in the world but also the quickest four wheel drive vehicle outright with a time of 6.472 at 219.94mph. 

There was wild celebration on the start line not just because of the time but the release of emotion for fulfilling a promise to the car’s owner, Sam ‘Metro’ Youssef, who passed away in a car accident last year. 

We made a promise to him that his car would be the car that sat on top of the outright list of AWD supremacy,” the team said via Facebook.

“That promise came true, but we didn’t just give him one record like he asked, we took a bundle of records whilst on our quest. The first record we took was for quickest GTR, meaning any GTR or Skyline to ever be produced. Secondly, we naturally took the record for quickest R32 Skyline, thirdly quickest all wheel drive, and then the rest tumbled: quickest import IRS, quickest import on radials, quickest and fastest automatic RB, and also Australia’s quickest on a 275 radial.

“But our biggest achievement was keeping our promise! Anyone can build a car with money and machinery but to us it was all determination and heart by fulfilling our promise – no money can buy this making this record the best one we have. Fly high our brother, we know you are with us, so we fly together!”

But the workshop was not done yet. The team’s street GTR, KING32, belted out a 6.840/209.20mph to become the world’s quickest and fastest street GTR (registered with full interior, panels and on radials) while a 223mph pass from the VLGOD Holden VL Commodore laid claim to the fastest pass from a Nissan RB engine anywhere in the world.

Congratulations to Maatouks Racing on pushing the boundaries – true drag racing innovation!

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