Maatouks Racing lock and load new racing weaponary

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As racing resumes at Sydney Dragway, Maatouks Racing has been arming up with new racing weaponry in the down time ready for another blitz on drag racing records. Here is a sneak peek.

George Haramis, better known for his record setting GH0747 VL Commodore – that still owns the single cam VL record at 7.3 at 194mph – aims up in a new Toyota Supra with billet 2JZ power, a deviation from the RB bullets that Maatouk’s Racing is better known for.

We can see Haramis in the near future pedalling the Supra out of sky high wheelies, just like his VL days.

The Queen St Group are known for their amazing looking cars, and now they will go just as fast as they look with the unveiling of the new Queen St Wedding Car Hire Nissan Skyline GT-R50 fitted with a Maatouks Racing billet RB bullet in the chase to be the first 5 second RB powered car in Australia – unfortunately with the downtime at Sydney, the first five second RB pass in the world will escape Maatouks as it was recorded earlier this month in the U.S.

This car will really shake things up in the Factory Xtreme scene.

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