Mamone confident in Cuda capabilities

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Frank Mamone has established near-legend status in his crazy wheelstanding 10.5-inch tyred Nova but the Sydney-sider now has a new car to take on some of the big boys of Top Doorslammer and Frank has one aim – to take wins.

The Cathis Racing ‘Cuda Top Doorslammer has had some local running since arriving from the US and Mamone is confident the Joey Martin-built car is ready to take on the best.

Although confident that the beautifully built Cuda has what it takes, Mamone is not selling the competition short.

“Top Doorslammer has to be one of the most competitive racing classes, not only in drag racing but in any motorsport.

“When you have a situation where more cars missing out on the field than making it in qualifying, you know it’s going to be tight.

“Sydney will bring out the quickest cars in the country and we know it’s going to be tough.

“Having said that, we are not here to make up the numbers, we are looking to take wins and make rounds.

The car had the credentials too! The Cuda Top Doorslammer might just be one of the most advanced and cutting edge Doorslammers in the country. Constructed Florida-based Doorslammer star, Joey Martin is arguably one of the most talented chassis builders in the Top Doorslammer community.

Martin’s credentials as a master of the art can’t be called into question, having built one of the fastest doorslammers on the planet; Brandon Snider’s 1963 Pro Extreme Corvette.

Frank concluded, “This car is great and I have made plenty of runs down this racetrack, we just need to get it together and we can be a serious threat.”


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