McClure chasing all the BB

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Drag racing is one of the few motorsports to be conducted over a standard distance, which makes national records a motivational goal for participants. West Australian racer Alistair McClure is one such competitor inspired to collect records, with his current quest to obtain as many of the “BB” records available as possible – BB/Altered, BB/Funny Car and BB/Dragster.

He already has the certificates for the first two, for both elapsed time and speed (with an automatic transmission, separate records are available for a manual transmission), and is now in pursuit of the dragster standard.

“We made the change to (the dragster) midway through the season as we are in search of six national records in three different BB classes, hence why we called the car ‘Double Bee Hunter,’” he said. “I have really enjoyed the challenge of adapting my driving from altereds to funny cars and now the dragster.

“Although some would think a dragster would be much easier to handle I found it quite twitchy and exciting to drive. The thing is super fast and remarkably quiet compared to an altered.”

McClure has been satisfied with his performances, especially in the first part of the track where the dragster excels at applying all the power available to the ground.

“We new we had our work cut out to set the dragster record, which was set at 6.15sec., but in fuor events we have made great progress and have already netted a 6.16sec.,” he said. “There is much more to come for the car.”


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