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McClure Motorsport have had a blinder of a drag racing season, winning Gold Christmas Trees and Track Championships while re-writing the record books, now the team have capped off their season with the announcement of the arrival of their new doorslammer.

Taking the next step in performance required an upgrade in weaponry so the team have purchased a new doorslammer built by Vanishing Point Race Cars. The 115in wheelbase, twin frame rail, MW modular rear end fitted chassis will be adorned by a Tim McAmis 1953 Corvette body, providing a far more aerodynamic and safer ride. The billet CN 393ci small block with 88mm twin turbo combination out of the Slime Time 3 LC Torana will also be going between the rails.

“As much as we are sad to finish our chapter with the Torana, we are excited to complete the full fit out on a brand-new car and to make it exactly how we want from the get-go,” said Connor McClure. “The full drivetrain from the Torana will be going into this new chassis and we will continue to go for PBs and push the limits of BB and AA/APIA classes.

“The car was getting too fast for its own good really being a 100inch wheelbase, standard dimension /GAS legal car racing in /AP. We want to keep pushing our limits as a team and feel like we quickly outgrew what the Torana was going to be able to give us.

“The safety of a twin-rail doorslammer is another big thing, we are 6’4” guys so a Torana is tight at 224MPH. We want to push the low 6 second zone and keep improving our PB of 6.37 – the 115inch wheelbase will help us give it the coals earlier!

The current Slime Time 3 Torana that Connor and his brother Bailey have been racing is currently the quickest turbo car in Western Australia. Starting life as the famed Grant O’Rourke PSI-blown small block before setting more records – that still stand – with George Separovich, it is arguably the most famous Torana in Australian drag racing history.

“The Torana has been through extensive work since buying it, from suspension to power management and torque converters, it’s taken a lot to get the car to where it is right now. Also, the help of very talented people along the way like Jeff Johnson, Blaze Hansen and many other close friends and crew,” said Connor.

It has been a dream season for McClure Motorsport, Slime Time 3 fought through mechanical adversity with a stubborn transmission to win the recent 53rd Westernationals Gold Christmas Tree and set both ends of the national record in BB/APIA, while locally has a commanding lead in the local Top Comp Track Championship at the Perth Motorplex sending the Torana out with a fairy tale ending.

Adding to the McClure Motorsport legacy this season, younger sister Kasey has continued to leave everyone in her Supercharged Outlaws wake. Racking up a host of local awards, the 19-year-old won her third straight Goldenstates Championship, and second straight Westernationals in her dragster this season, and had just won the Perth Motorplex Track Championship with one event still left to go.

Off track the McClure Motorsports team have been creating insightful social media content allowing anyone to follow their racing program and development, that has also proved beneficial to the team.

“We have been very active on social media over the last five or so years mainly from our build series or tech talk style videos, but recently we started moving into more race day videos and that has shown to be very popular,” said Connor.

Below you can follow their digital content from Westernationals and Nitro Slam, with digital content on the doorslammer coming soon.

“Stay tuned for full build series over the Winter, it’s gonna get busy,” said Connor.

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