McCormack signs up Mr Filter

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Recent converts to Supercharged Outlaws McCormack Racing have signed Mr Filter – Truck & Earthmoving Superstores as a primary sponsor.

The McCormack family has been involved in drag racing since the mid 70s but in recent times team principal Norm McCormack had been racing a uniquely equipped blown 202ci Holden slingshot. The itch to go faster had to be scratched however.

“The decision to go blown with a small block Chev was not an easy one, but the need for speed has simply taken over,” McCormack said.

“The Neil & Parkes FED became available from our friend Bevin Buckby in Queensland, it had only done a handful of passes and is just a great car.”

McCormack has recently been testing the new beast and has a produced a best of 7.46 @ 181mph in the early stages of sorting to prove it will be a potent weapon in Outlaws.

McCormack has now gained major sponsorship from Mr Filter – Truck & Earthmoving Superstores, a company that is based in Toongabbie, Sydney with a store in Yatala, Brisbane. Mr Filter supply the truck and earthmoving industry with filters and oil along with a number of other services.

“The McCormack family are extremely proud of the opportunity to provide exposure for Mr Filter and hope the relationship will continue for years to come,” he said.

“At this point I have to mention Westend Performance based in Campelltown NSW, Sam Fenech has supported us longer than I can remember and he is just the best. There are so many that have given time and support I just could not name them all, but you know who you are.”

The Mr Filter signage has already been applied to the car and the trailer is in the process of being completed with the aim to provide maximum exposure.

Like many of the drag racing teams at the track, McCormack Racing is all about their family. Wife Marion is the driving force along with daughter Kelly and her partner Justin, who is slated as a future driver of the car. Norm also thanked long term friends and crew members Andrew, Jacob and Mick for providing support to the team.

Now with a major on board McCormack is focused on winning a national event while continuing to have great time in the sport.

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