McGuinness to go pro?

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Brothers Wayne and Gary McGuinness recently spent time in the USA learning more about racing nitro motorcycles, but it is proving inspiration for some further moves.

Wayne won an NHRA event in Bristol on a leased Pro Fuel bike, similar to the Nitro Harley he rides in Australia in the Competition Bike category.

However he is considering getting a bike built in order to compete in Top Fuel Motorcycle, the pinnacle for Nitro Harley racing in Australia.

“While I was in the States, I crewed with Ricky House on his Top Fuel Motorcycle,” he said. “It runs a new Vickers engine, which is starting to prove itself and is running in the 6.30sec. zone fairly consistently.

“So I am in negotiations to construct a new Top Fuel Motorcycle for the end of next season, sooner if I can find some sponsorship to help fund the step up.”

As if that wan’t enough the brothers are also stepping up their four wheel vehicles, with a new supercharged set up planned for their Dodge Challenger and a motor upgrade for their Dodge Charger.

“It’s going to be a busy season again,” Wayne said.


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