Medicine Hat’s Mustang man!

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Sportsman drag racing’s evolution to a higher percentage of late model factory super cars in Stock and Super Stock classes continues and that movement includes some significant Canadian entries — including Alberta’s Darrell Dietz.

Dietz, who is a construction company owner from Medicine Hat (Dietz Construction), has parlayed his long time passion for Ford Mustangs into what for him is the ultimate race car. About 2 years ago, the 45-year old driver began to campaign one of Ford’s new generation Cobra Jet Mustangs in Stock eliminator. That amazing machine features a supercharged 302 CID 5.7L engine program and runs in the quickest class offered overall in Stock eliminator — AA/SA.


Darrell Dietz also owns this “super snake” version Mustang street car.

“I’ve been running this car  after picking up the Competition kit direct from Ford Racing,” Darrell revealed.  

“This is not one of the “Ford 50” race cars built direct from the factory – this is the kit they offered after that program.  Basically we picked up the kit and components from Watson Engineering and D.P.M. (Diversified Products Marketing) in Michigan and did the assembly ourselves.  Everything is sourced just like the Cobra Jet factory cars – and in the end you would not know the difference unless I told you.”

Read more about this racer from our friends at Drag Race Canada here.

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