Moits smashes turbo record….and then.

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The Paul Mouhayet driven Moits Racing turbo Mustang has again decimated his own Australian turbo record on the weekend with a 5.75 at 261mph blast – then the real fun began.

If you think travelling over 260mph is a pucker up ride – it has nothing on then trying to stop.

At the Supernats Blower versus Turbo Outlaw Doorslammer Shootout, the Moits team once again showed they are the undisputed king of turbo racing in the country running three consecutive five second passes 5.88 5.80 and 5.75. The 5.80 run surpassed the previous record before Mouhayet stomped on the record again with the 5.75 at 261mph, this was the quickest turbo pass in Australia and the fastest doorslammer pass of any denomination in the country.

Mouhayet was also quick to point out to some of the critics that his car weighed in over the Top Doorslammer legal weight at 2735lbs.

However while everyone was cheering on the start line, Mouhayet had his hands full in the braking area trying to pull up his stead. Now this is not Mouhayet’s first breaking area rodeo ride, and he would need to call upon all that experience to once again wrestle his Mustang to a safe stop.

Sit back and watch the wild in-car footage provided by Mouhayet – obvious language warning too!

5.75 261 bit of a steer job lol!!

Posted by Paul Mouhayet on Saturday, September 19, 2015








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