Moorhouse moves up

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Roger Moorhouse will be entering Super Sedan for the first time in the coming West Australian drag racing season, with the acquisition of an Holden LH Torana with a massive 10.1 litre big block Chevrolet motor underneath the hood.

Moorhouse formerly raced in Super Street and took a season off to help son Stuart in the Junior Dragster ranks.

“We have no real expectations for the year other than to get back to basics and have a lot of fun,” he said. “I took the new car out for the Holden vs Ford event at the end of last season and it ran very well, with a best of 8.80sec. at around 250kmh which is where I expect it to run this season.”

Moorhouse said there will be a few things to get used to with the new car and he doesn’t expect success to come easy in the tough Super Sedan category.

“My first goal will be to get a handle on running a delay box and also the new increased power and speed, then if a round win comes our way we’ll be very grateful,” he said.

“After winning the 2012 Westernationals in Super Street I’ll be trying my best to get both car and driver right for a shot at that event in 2015.

“If things go well we’ll consider our options and may travel again for the national championship next year.”


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