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It was Mopar Sunday time again at Willowbank Raceway when the Mopar or No Car brigade show up in numbers and skid up a storm with Chrysler’s finest creations.


Christine Steffens laid down a couple of aborted demo passes in her Nitro Flopper, finishing with a best pass in the mid eight second zone.




Competition Eliminator racer Greg Clayton had more luck getting down the track in his blown altered with a 6.32 second pass at 206 mph.




Peter Leahy was another of the exhibition racers to makes a couple of passes at the all Mopar event. Peter’s Nostalgia funny car blasted out two solid six second passes with the best being a 6.39 at 219 mph PB.




Les Rodgie ran a best of 6.76 second is his Supercharged Outlaws Hemi powered Pontiac funny car.




The Willowbank complex was packed with Mopar loving enthusiasts who were enjoying all that was on offer including the swap meet, dyno competition, show & shine as well as the drag racing action.




Drag racing wasn’t the only thing to grab the attention of spectators at Mopar Sunday.




Mandy Pukis won her second race meeting in as many days by winning the 0 – 10.99 bracket. Mandy ran a 10.017 on her 9.99 dial in to win the final round. Mandy won Super Sedan at the Eighth Mile event the previous day.




Runner up in the 0 – 10.99 bracket was Dave Webber driving his big block Pacer. Dave had an easy run to the final with a solo in round one followed by 2 red lighting opponents. A final round 10.90 second pass on his 19.95 second dial in handed the win to Mandy Pukis.




Taking home the winner’s trophy in the 11.00 – 12.99 second bracket was Sam La Spina. La Spina was lucky to survive a double break out in round one before a couple of stout reaction times set up victory in subsequent rounds. In the final a quicker reacting 11.603 on 11.50 dial in meant he tasted victory over Greg McMahon.




Greg McMahon was runner up in 11.00 – 12.99. Greg ran closer to his dial in in the final round however a slower reaction time could not be overcome by the Charger driver.




Paul Thorpe drove his VC Valiant through five rounds of racing to win the 13.00 – 14.99 second bracket.




Runner up in 13.00 – 14.99 was veteran Mopar racer Ray Ross. The big tyred Charger broke out in the final which along with a red light on the start line blew any chance of the win.




Soni Tyson got the trophy for winner of the 15 second and over bracket. The 318ci powered Regal running a 17.07 on a 17.02 dial in to defeat a red lighting opponent in the final round.




Runner up in 15 & over was Steve Jurgensen, the little six cylinder powered Pacer was too anxious in the final and jumped the start.




It doesn’t get much bigger than this on the drag strip




Proof you can race anything from the Mopar family at Mopar Sunday




Regular Willowbank runner Eric Sherrard was an unfortunate first round loser in 11 – 12.99 class.




Peter Feigl ran 9.23 seconds in round one of the 0 – 10.99 bracket however lost to Andrew Schultz.








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