Mopar title turns to 4 cylinder queen

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Which Drag News Australia photographer was crowned 4 cylinder queen at today’s Mopar rumble?

Drag News contributing photographer Hayley Turns won today’s Mopar rumble in impressive fashion in her late model Jeep. Running scorching 17 second times to take the coverted challenge, Turns became Dragnews first bracket winner in the history of the site.  

The competition amongst the Drag News team to covert a title has been fierce, however Turns edged out west Aussie hotshoe Luke Nieuwhof for the honour. Nieuwhof, who competes at Kwinana, was considered a certain to take the inaugural title for the team. Beaten yet again by a female, Nieuwhof now firmly has his tail between his legs and is contemplating his future in the sport.

” I did it for the team” Haylz commented. Perhaps slightly rubbing salt into Luke’s wounds.


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