Morrison and Carey crash – unbelievable video

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The recent Westernationals was not short on action of both the good and the bad kinds, with two separate two-car incidents in the braking area. One of those featured Trent Morrison’s altered and Paul Carey’s Mazda gasser and we have the amazing onboard video.

All looks good for Morrison until he gets the shock of a lifetime when Carey runs up the back of the altered, getting plenty of air as it ramps over the tyre and comes crashing down again. Fortunately both drivers were unharmed.

Morrison said that he felt very lucky the tyre stood up to the impact as it helped deflect the blow away from the rollcage. Damage to the altered was limited to some of the rear chassis work and the body and Morrison hopes the team will be back out by the end of the track championship in April. Carey’s car meanwhile was a write off and he is currently looking at other options.

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