Motorcycle flip puts Mundey into hospital

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Last weekend there was a wild moment at Willowbank Raceway when Mick Mundey flipped his turbocharged Hayabusa end for end.

It was a pretty hard landing for Mick and he ended up in hospital with a broken T12 vertebrae.

“First of all thanks to everyone for the help,” Mundey said via Facebook. “I couldn’t tell everyone who was there but thank you to all. Haven’t seen photos of the bike or seen data to know what caused it but will get to that when I can. 

“Good news is there is no spinal cord injury yet and fingers crossed all goes well. Bike will be repaired and I will be back as soon as I get the clearance and get things sorted and finish getting both the bike and myself panel beated.

“Once again as massive thanks to my family, our racing family, everyone who helped and to Willowbank Raceway and the safety crew.”

Mick’s wife Lisa-Marie posted a further update on Wednesday.

“It took a lot longer than anticipated but as far as we know the op went well and he is stable this morning. They have been able to get his pain under control. The doctors were going to attach two titanium rods to his spine to help heal the broken off vertebrae which should stay in him for good. Thanks everyone for the offers of help and love.

“At the moment he is still unable to sit up or stand. More physio in the morning hopefully he will have more movement. He is resting comfortably and is in high spirits.”


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