Nasty nitrous bike explosion

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We have see plenty of nitrous explosions in the sedan ranks before, but thankfully they are rare for the two wheel brigade. And as this US rider can attest too after narrowly escaping a near tragedy, we don’t want to see again. 

US rider Shayne Proctor was competing in this year’s IDBL WPGC Bikefest event over the weekend on a nitrous Suzuki Hayabusa when it went all horribly wrong.

A suspected nitrous airbox explosion erupted both the bike and rider in flames at half track, Proctor continued to try and ride the bike to finish line before bailing off – and as you can see from the video, still on fire.

In the harrowing footage crew and racers can be seen rushing to the stricken rider – who was still rolling around trying to extinguish himself – with towels to beat down the flames.

Proctor was airlifted to hospital with burns to his legs and back but is expected to make a full recovery from what could of been a far more serious outcome.

Nevertheless a GoFundMe account has been set up to help Proctor with his medical bills and you can help him out at


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