Nationals Friday qualifying session hi-lights

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The Dragnews Australia team brings you all the session hi-lights of the first day of qualifying at the Fuchs Australian Nationals from Sydney Dragway.

 TOP FUEL Q1 – Louie Rapisarda Tribute 3:00pm

First pair: Cowin in the Wynns Lane with a strong burnout faces Difilippo in the Rocket Lane. It is 23 degrees air temperature with a light wind. Near ideal conditions. Cowin on a real strong pass 4.623/317. Difilippo does well to 330ft but is troubled with a 8.290/173mph

Second Pair: Mariani in Santo’s 2nd Bacca car in resplendent in red. Darren Morgan in the Rocket lane. Mariani with a strong launch but off it by 330ft with a 8.54 second pass. Morgan on the other hand goes after it 4.740/309mph.

3:24pm Terry Saint in the Rocket lane lays down a strong burnout. Bob Shepherd struggles through his burnout with the motor sounding off. Both are on reasonable passes 5.027/278mph for Shepherd whilst Sainty is on fire from 1000ft for a 5.138/241mph pass.

3:26: Luke Shepherd in the Wynns Lane takes on Alan Dobson. Shepherd shuts it off before staging leaving Dobson to launch strongly but troubles before 1/2 track to run a 7.291/164 and currently puts him in 5th. There is oil in the track, so some damage has occurred to the Rapisarda missile.

 3:34Next pair Phil Lamattina in the Rocket lane takes on Phil Read in the Wynns Lane. No love loss here. Phil Read runs a 4.726/273 with the engine off tune from 1000ft whilst Lamattina has problems with a 11.72 @69mph

3:50: Stamatis on a solo. Can last years champ take the points off Cowin in this round of the Louis Rapisarda memorial race. No… bangs the blower and chutes out at 330 ft. Rolls through for a 11.397 @ 58 mph


Please see our session hi-light article for a full wrap on the 1st full Pro Series Qualifying session.



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