Nationals Saturday qualifying session updates

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The Dragnews Australia team brings you all the action of the second day of qualifying at the Fuchs Australian Nationals from Sydney Dragway.

2nd Qualifiers (except TF)


First up we see Andrew Stravroulakis taking on Jason Grima.  Stravroulakis runs a  7.297 over a troubled Grima who coasts through for a 31 second timeslip

Next up Perdikaris takes on Michael Ali. It is all Gales 7.119/190 mph over Perdikaris’ 7.204 /187

Ian Brown V John Galea. Galea sneaks a teen with a 7.199/190 over Brown’s 7.52. Brown has some work to do in the next qualifier.

Newcombe and Pursell both run teens with Newcombe running a 7.116/192 over Pursells 7.169/189 mph

Next up Nick Xerakias with a 15 second pass has troubles but Wayne Daley powers to a 7.130/192 pass

Jason Hedges gets a bye but only runs a 7.505/186 , the big news is Ridgeway gets pushed away.

Arthur Kolaroff manages a 7.505/186 . Alan Puglia in the Rocket lane runs a 7.24/189 mph.

Aaron Tremaye takes on Denis Whiting and the pair also run teens. 7.119/192 for Tremayne and 7.126/191 mph.

3:14pm: Bektash steps it up and runs a 7.088/191 over Bill Kotsias 7.211/190 mph

3: 16pm: John Barbagello has troubles with a 17 second pass but Scott Porter steps it up to a 7.089/193

3:18pm: Tucker runs  side by side 7.12’s with Tyronne Tremayne.


3:24pm: First up Gary Phillips takes on Dennis Blyth. Both have troubled runs . Phillips coasts through for a 12 second pass with Byth running a 7.32/175 pass

3:25pm: Adam Marchant runs a 5.75 pass whilst Ham in the other lane only manages a 6.208

3:26pm Newby burns out strongly looking to get well into this tough field. In the Rocket lane is Aaron Hambridge looking to improve his spot. It is all Newby 5.75/248 over Hambridge’s troubled 6.055/243

3:30pm: John Cannuli in the Rocket Lane versus Steve Read in a funny car v funny car battle. Cannuli on a wild ride smoking the tyres at 330 ft and headed towards the centre line. Steve Read buttons off. Read a 9.43 to Cannuli’s 11.92.

3:34pm: Paul Madill on a solo in the Wynns lane. Can he continue his improvement in this class? Strong launch and it looked like he was on a run. At 1000ft though all goes silent then there is a “pop” as the burst panel goes.

3:38pm: Rick Gauci is the last runner this round. He manages only a 6.08/236 mph.

Top Bike:

3:41pm: Can Matheson get a five under these near perfect conditions. He is up against Michael Gregg in the Rocket lane. Matheson runs a 6.62/152 mph early shut off . Nothing representative from Gregg.

3:45pm: Chris Porter takes on Mick Murray in the Rocket lane. Porter breaks whilst Muray runs a 7.61/181

3:47pm: Phil Parker starts with a pop. Geiff Redgrave waits whilst Parker performs his burnout. Parker breaks before staging and Redgrave runs it through for a troubled 11.05 pass

3:49pm: Troy McLean up next in the Rocket Lane lane and burns out strongly. Craig Bonnwick runs a 7.41 whilst Mclean manages a 7.53.

3:52: Dennis Grant in the Rocket Lane and Gavin Spann in the Wynns Lane. Spann runs close to the wall for a 7.66 whilst Grant struggles to a 9 second pass. That’s it for Top Bike.


3:55pm: Deno Brijeski and Ben Bray are first up. Bray in the Rocket Lane. Deno shook off the line and motored through for a 6.26/228 whilst Ben stuggles for an 11 second pass.

3:56pm: In a great match up, Maurice Fabietti takes on Robin Judd. Judd has his hands full in the burnout but keeps the crowd entertained. Fabs a 5.92/243 whilst Judd overpowers the track and coasts through for an 8 second pass.

3:59pm: Tony Defelice takes on Mark Belleri. Can Belleri run a 5 again? Defelice scrapes the wall at about 100ft and coasts through for a 7.0/149 in the other lane Belleri runs a disappointing 7.1 second pass.

4:03pm: Stuart Bishop in the Rocket lane burns out strongly. His  female entourage looking resplendent as usual. Wilson in the other lane. Both with troubles, a 12 second pass for Wilson and a 7.1 for Bishop.

4:06pm: Victor Bray and Peter Kapiris out next in the “battle of black”. Can Kapiris get a handle on the Saratoga on this tricky track?  A 6.36 is heading in the right direction whilst Victor way off pace with an unrepresentative 13 second pass.

Oil on the track in Kapiris lane. Down for a bit. This reporter later found out that the puke tank was responsible for all the oil. Pete showing me an amazing in car video of the spillage.

4:20pm. Just putting some VHT down and we will be back.

4:21pm: Back racing and it’s Sean Misfud up next running Stephen DuPond. Strong burnouts from both drivers. Dupond a 6.326/212 over a very skatey 6.550/228 from Dupond.

4:24pm: Matt Abel in his swoopy new 57 chev up against Peter Blake. Blake a 6.51 over Abels troubled 8.3.

4:28 pm: Ivan Skaramuca in his beautifully painted camaro (Sheikh-like 🙂 takes on John Zappia. Can Zap get into the field on this pass? Ivan Skaramuca breaks on the burnout and his crew pushes him back. Zap on a 6.5 pass with trouble hooking up to this track. One last chance to get in under the cold Sydney skies tonight.


4:30pm: Darren Difilippo first up against Terry Sainty. Sainty in the left Wynns lane. 6.432/134 pass for Difilippo striking the tyres at around half track. In the other lane a 5.62 pass for Sainty nudges him up the ladder.

4:35pm: Alan Dobson up next against Luke Shepherd. These drivers are out of the Louis Rapisarda Tribute Trophy, so are looking to improve their qualifying position. Dobson runs a strong 4.884/259.91 whilst Luke has engine problems and coasts to a stop at half track.

We have oil on the track in Dobsons lane and are down for a clean up.

We are back. Andrew Cowin in the Wynns lane will take on Phil Read in a battle of the giants. Again not part of the Louis Rapisarda Tribute Trophy, but both comfortably in the field in number one and two positions currently. Stong burnouts from both cars. Phil Reads ups the ante with a 4.57/315 mph pass whilst Cowin has issues striking the tyres at 330 ft and motors through for an 8 second pass. So Read is now number 1 qualifier.

4:50pm. Lamattina on a solo as the last of the runners not in the Trophy round. He has seen the task ahead and they will be looking to be up to the challenge. It is not to be, a 5.52/245 results as the car over powers the track.

4:56pm: Darren Morgan takes on Bob Shepherd to see who will go into the final in the race for cash for the Tribute Trophy. Morgan a 4.697/322 mph over a troubled run for Shepherd throwing the belt early.

5:00pm. Who will face Morgan? Mark Mariani or Martin Stamatis. Stamatis with a 4.845/267 over a valiant Mariani who struggled to a 9.4 second pass.

That rounds out the Pro Series Round.


Final Qualifiers

Track temperatiuure already in the 60’s and there is a chill in the air.

5:52 PM Pete Cochrane is first up against Mark Hancock 7.443/178 for Cochrane and a 7.73 for Hancock.

5:55pm: Ross Lemberg takes on Rabnot in the Rocket Lane. Rabnot running a 7.66/170 trailing smoke with Lemberg managing a 7.9 timeslip.

5:58pm: Lochie Ireland runs a 7.601/175 mph pass

6:00pm: Wooster runs Gilbertson next up. Gilbertson hammers a 7.379/278 over a 7.60 run from Wooster.

6:02pm : Badcock  and Maurice Allan  to face each other for the last pairing of PSM. Badcock 7.25 uping the ante with Allen 7.476 pass.


6:02pm. It’s run hard or go home time for the Pro Stock boys. First up we have Bill Perdikarkis and Michael Ali.  Ali runs a 7.196/191 with Perdikarkis all over the track with a 10 second pass.

6:04pm: Wayne Daley is up next facing John Galea. 7.206/190 for Daley  and a dissapointing 10 second pass for Galea.

6:10pm: Andrew Stavroulakis is paired with Shane Tucker. 7.09/192 for Tucker another 10 sec out of shape pass for Stavroulakis.

6:15pm: Denis Whiting in the Rocket Lane and Ian Brown in the Wynns lane. 7.180 for Brown and a 7.184 for Whiting. There are 12 drivers in the teens and four in the “noughties”

6:18 pm: Brian Pursell and Tyronne Tremayne take on each other to improve their qualifying lot. An “0” will see them safely in the field. Tremayne strong with a 7.107 which should see him comfortably in the field. In the other lane  a 24 second pass.

6:20pm: Allan Puglia and Aaron Tremayne up next. Can the West Aussie improve his position? 7.194 for Puglia and a 7.102 for Tremayne. What a tight field!

6:22pm: John Barbagello and Jason Hedges front for a crack at the top half of the field. Barbagello only runs a skatey 7.6 whilst Hedges runs a 7:15.

I think that makes 14 drivers in the teens and 4 in the “noughies” SO far!

6:23 pm: Jason Grima and Dave Newcombe. Grima a 7.18 and Newcombe a 7.10..they keep throwing it down.

6:25 pm: Bill Kotsias and Lee Bektash burn out strongly. Can Bektash overtake Tucker for number 1? No, 7.101 /190 for Bektash and a 7.237/189 for Kotsias.

6:29pm: Nick Xerakias faces Ridgeway. Can either of these drivers change the record qualifying order?  Xerakias 7.070 is our new number 1 qualifier and a 7.10/192.

6:32pm: Scott Porter in the Rocket lane.. is an upset on the cards. Kolaroff in the Wynns lane. 7.059 for Porter..and a 7.745 for Kolaroff. Talk about a last ditch attempt to change everything. What an exciting round!

That is our quickest 16 car fiield to date.


6:35pm: We are into the final qualifying session of Top Alcohol and so far the track is holding up. Steve Ham in the Rocket lane and Dennis Byth in the Wynns lane. Ham overpowers the track and goes on a wild ride coasting through for a 11 second pass. A 7.8 for Byth in the other lane.

6:37pm: Adam Marchant and John Cannuli are up next, Will Cannuli have the same issues as the other short wheel based car just had? Cannuli with a 6.10/245 whilst Marchant runs a 5.718/242 mph pass.

6:41pm: Rick Gauci and Wayne Newby looking to improve their positions. Newby sounding strong on the burnout. 5.574/249 for Newby to a 5.92 for Gauci. Newby sounds a warning to Phillips to “watch out tomorrow, his rail is in the hunt”.

6:43pm: Paul Madill and Steve Read form the last pairing for Top Alcohol qualifying. Can the two Funny Cars impress and get to the pointy end of the field. 6.06 for Madill a 6.06 won’t help and Steve Read over powers the track and coast through for a 9 second pass.

Gary Phillips elects not to run.


6:47 pm: Michael Gregg on a solo. Long smokey burnout and he is ready to make a pass. Headed left and across the centreline. NTR

6:50 pm: Porter in the Wynns lane and Mick Murray face off. A daunting task to catch Matheson however. Porter goes out strong but the engine goes silent and crosses into the other lane at 1.2 track. Murray too goes into the opposite lane.

6:53 pm: Phil Parker needs a good pass with no representative time recorded yet. Redgrave is his opponent. A 12 second time for Phil and a 9.83 for Redgrave.

6:57 pm:Troy Mclean is looking to improve on his previous qualifiers, this time facing Dennis Grant in the Wynns lane. A strong burnout from both riders. Grant tags the wall around 100ft and rolls throughthe lights. Would not be suprised if he hurt his leg on that pass. Mclean also a troubled pass 10.49.

6:01pm: Bonwick and Spann pair up for a final shot. Spann goes bang at 100ft and coasts for a 17.5 second pass whilst Bonwick goes 8.11/156

Matheson a no show for the final session.


7:05pm: Mark Belleri and Stuart Bishop face up in what should be a tricky track. Last reports the track temperature had dropped once again into the 50’s. Belleri does not leave the line when Bishop drives through the light and gets way out of shape and up on two wheels. Belleri waits and re-stages but only runs a 6.36.

7:09 pm: Maurice Fabietti and Victor Bray pair off. Fabs in the fied but Victor’s not. Fab runs a 5.97/241 whilst Vicotor will pack up the car and put it back in the trailer. Another DNQ under his belt.

The bump is 6.36 and things are getting desparate.

7:11pm. Deno Brijeski in the Rocket lane takes on Jeff Wilson. Deno all over the tack with the read-out board showing 4.45!!! Deno is the first man in the 4.4’s.. not. A 7 second pass for Wislon will not get him in. Not sure what ANDRA will do there?

7:17 pm: Robin Judd and Tony Defelice up next, both drivers in the field, but Defelice is in 6 and therefore not safe. Judd a 6.03 being all over the track whilst Defelice gets out of shape and nearly scrapes the wall at 1000 ft.

7:20pm: Steve Dupond and Peter Kapiris up next. Kapiris on the bump, so will be looking to move further into the field. Kapris nearly puts the Saratoga into the wall, but skillful driving and the help of the chute pulls the car back around. Dupond just turns the tyres and rolls through for a 21 second pass.

7:23 pm: Peter Blake and Sean Misfud up next. Blake stuggles through the burnout but Misfud sounds strong. Misfud gets in 6.079 /228 over a 6.382/212 for Blake. Blakes out! Misfud bumps Kapiris.

7:26 pm: Zappia in a do or die effort fronts up against Abel in a similar predicament. Zappia fails to qualify, a huge wheels up effiort means no steering  and he is all over the track. Abel fails to crack the field with a 6.6.

7:29 pm: Ivan Skaramuca and Ben Bray next up. Again neither are qualified. 6.4’s both sides. Both are out. No team Bray in eliminations!

TOP FUEL Q4 7:30

7:32pm, The AEG fueler is to take on Stamatis in the final of the Louis Rapisarda Tribute trophy, but Stamatis is a no show. So Morgan has $10,000.00 more in his bank account. Now to up the qualifying ante. 5.130 with a strong pass to 1000 ft then the flames go out.

7:38 pm. Phil Read and Mark Mariani up next. Read looking to ensure he stays number one with Cowin following right behind. Mariani is not yet qualified. An ugly pass by Mariani and a not much better one for Read. A 5.2 for Read and a 9 second pass for Mariani. Mariani is on the trailer.

7:41 pm: Andrew Cowin takes on Darren Difilippo. Difillipo also looking to qualify. Cowin looking to step it up and over take Read. A big task in these cold conditions. Very strong burnouts from both teams. The Rocketship sounding amazing . Both cars overpower the track. Difillipo is on the trailer failing to make the field.

7:46 pm: Can Phil Lamatinna and Terry Sainty get down the track and improve their qualifying position. Lamatiina’s run is amazing given the conditions, a 4.640 and he improves to third as it stands. Sainty doesn’t.

7:48 pm: Alan Dobson and Luke Shepherd are the last pairing. Shepherd is looking to get into the field and needs to bump Sainty. Dobson and Sainty both blow their engines in spectacular style. Parts are going everywhere.

Our non qualifiers are Difilippo, Mariani and Luke Shepherd.

That’s it for the final qualifying session of the Pro Series.

This report was bought to you under very difficult circumstances from a “media room” that has no sound, no print-outs and is cramped with just 4 people in there. Thanks to Hayley Turns for her invaluable assistance over the event so far.

WRAP UP (for Top Fuel and Doorslammer)..

It has been another big day of qualifying at day two of the Fuchs Nationals with several surprises produced from the final sessions.

In Top Fuel, Phil Read blitzed his way to the top of the field, and threw down the gauntlet running a great 4.571 in the first session which sat him just ahead of Andrew Cowin’s 4.62 from yesterday, which was not improved on today. Meanwhile for Phil Lamattina, he ran a quick 4.64 to qualify in third, while Darren Morgan’s 4.69 sat just ahead of Martin Stamatis’ slowing 4.84. Allan “Dobbo” Dobson ran a 4.88 for fourth position, with Bob Shepherd and Terry Sainty rounding out the 8-car field.

Non-qualifiers were Darren DiFilippo, Mark Mariani and Luke Shepherd.

Top Fuel Qualifying Round Four
1. Phil Read – 4.571 Sec / 315.71 Mph
2. Andrew Cowin – 4.623 Sec / 317.72 Mph
3. Phil Lamattina – 4.640 sec / 326.24 Mph
4. Darren Morgan – 4.697 Sec / 322.27 Mph
5. Martin Stamatis – 4.845 Sec / 267.37 Mph
6. Alan Dobson – 4.884 Sec / 259.91 Mph
7. Bob Shephard – 5.027 Sec / 278.69 Mph
8. Terry Sainty – 5.138 Sec / 241.67 Mph
9. Darren Di Filippo – 6.432 Sec / 134.26 Mph
10. Luke Shepard – 8.081 Sec / 95.77 Mph
11. Mark Mariani – 8.547 Sec / 98.17 Mph

Top Doorslammer

Some of the biggest surprises though came in Top Doorslammer when back to back to back Australian Champ John Zappia didn’t make the field after having traction problems, and only managing a best of 6.58.

He wasn’t alone though with Ben Bray, Peter Kapiris, Victor Bray, Matt Abel and Stuart Bishop all surprise non-qualifiers. The spot light however this weekend shone down upon WA Businessman Robin Judd who top qualified with an awesome Stuart Rowland-tuned 5.86 from yesterday’s sessions which were not bettered today.

Maurice Fabietti ripped out another consistent 5.92 for second place, and Gary Phillips ran a great 5.93 for third. It was also good to see Sean Mifsud sitting in fourth after running a last ditched 6.07.

Mark Belleri, Deno Brijeski, Tony DeFelice and Stephen DuPond rounded out the field.

Top Doorslammer Round Three Qualifying
1. Robin Judd – 5.860 Sec / 244.43 Mph
2. Maurice Fabietti – 5.923 Sec / 243.90 Mph
3. Gary Phillips – 5.939 Sec / 245.81 Mph
4. Sean Mifsud – 6.079 Sec / 228.15 Mph
5. Mark Belleri – 6.142 Sec / 249.16 Mph
6. Deno Brijeski – 6.153 Sec / 228.19 Mph
7. Tony De Felice – 6.201 Sec / 232.35 Mph
8. Stephen Dupond – 6.326 Sec / 212.69 Mph
9. Peter Kapiris – 6.365 Sec / 228.89 Mph
10. Peter Blake – 6.382 Sec / 212.39 Mph
11. Ben Bray – 6.426 Sec / 167.51 Mph
12. Jeff Wilson – 6.467 Sec / 220.12 Mph
13. Ivan Skaramuca – 6.492 Sec / 174.96 Mph
14. Stuart Bishop – 6.527 Sec / 227.11 Mph
15. John Zappia – 6.585 Sec / 237.88 Mph
16. Matt Abel – 8.304 Sec / 113.57 Mph
17. Victor Bray – 7.649 Sec / 133.74 Mph

Top Alcohol

In Top Alcohol, there were 10 Entrants qualifying for the 8-car field, and after running low 5.9’s in his Top Doorslammer, it was Gary Phillips who ran his way to the top of the field in his Funny Car running a 5.54 at 258 mph just ahead of Wayne Newby’s dragster which wheel-stood through to anawesome 5.57-scond lap.

Steven Ham’s Funny Car sat in third with a 5.698, just 2/1000ths ahead of Western Australian Adam Marchant’s dragster running a 5.70.

In the other half of the field, Aaron Hambridge’s dragster went 5.85 for fifth, with Steven Reed’s Funny Car recording a 5.90 ahead of Rick Gauci’s 5.92-second Funny Car pass, and Paul Madill rounded out the tough 5-second field with a 5.92.

Non-qualifyers were John Cannuli and Dennis Blyth.

Top Alcohol Qualifying Round Three
1. Gary Phillips – 5.548 Sec / 258.07 Mph
2. Wayne Newby – 5.574 Sec / 249.35 Mph
3. Steven Ham – 5.698 Sec / 250.27 Mph
4. Adam Marchant – 5.700 Sec / 243.55 Mph
5. Aaron Hambridge – 5.859 Sec / 250.00 Mph
6. Steven Reed – 5.905 Sec / 242.19 Mph
7. Ricck Gauci – 5.920 Sec / 237.96 Mph
8. Paul Madill – 5.929 Sec / 239.44 Mph
9. John Cannuli – 6.109 Sec / 245.18 Mph
10. Dennis Byth – 6.395 Sec / 170.21 Mph

Top Bike

Expectations were high for Top Bike as they have been for quite some time now amid talk that either Chris Matheson or Jay Upton could be edging closer and closer to Australia’s first 5-second Top Bike pass, however it wasn’t meant to be this weekend with Upton sitting the Nationals out, and Matheson’s 6.16 at a backed off 201 mph just not quite there yet.

9 bikes were qualifying for the field, and with Matheson on top, it was Chris Porter second with a 7.26 ahead of Craig Bonwick’s 7.41. Troy Maclean steered his way to a 7.53 for fourth, and Mick Murray was just behind running a 7.66. Gavin Spann had troubles only managing a 9.03 and Geoff Redgrave went 9.83 to round out the field.

Unfortunately for Phil Parker, the team had troubles and didn’t manage to qualify with their slowing 12.03.

Top Bike Round Three Qualifying
1. Chris Matheson – 6.161 Sec / 201.07 Mph
2. Chris Porter – 7.269 Sec / 150.31 Mph
3. Craig Bonwick – 7.414 Sec / 176.33 Mph
4. Troy Maclean – 7.532 Sec / 177.02 Mph
5. Mick Murray – 7.661 Sec / 181.98 Mph
6. Dennis Grant – 7.661 Sec / 184.40 Mph
7. Gavin Spann – 9.038 Sec / 117.38 Mph
8. Geoff Redgrave – 9.833 Sec / 98.16 Mph
9. Phil Parker – 12.032 / 136.25

Pro Stock

There was a massive field of 22 Pro Stock cars trying to qualify into the newly introduced 16-car Pro Stock field, and it can be proudly said that the quality and presentation of all brackets, but especially Pro Stock, was as sensational as the times themselves.

With the top half having just .05 of a second separating them, and the lower half of the field having only .08 of a second separating them between Dave Newcombe’s eighth spot 7.10 and Ian Brown’s 7.18 down in sixteenth, it was always going to be difficult to qualify into the field.

Jason Grima, West Aussie Allen Puglia, John Galea and Bill Perdikaris all ran between 7.18 and 7.20, but didn’t qualify which shows how tough it was just to get in, with Arthur Kolaroff and Andrew Stavroulakis also non-qualifiers.

In the upper half of the field though, the top five were all in the 7.0’s, and Scott Porter topped the field with a super quick 7.05 to head the pack. Nick Xerakias was just behind with a 7.070, and just 4/1000ths down in third was Shane Tucker’s 7.074. Lee Bektash went 7.088 for fourth, and with a 7.093, John Barbagallo was the last in the .0’s in fifth position.

The rest of the field continued on as tight as it gets, and it was also great to see Peter Ridgeway qualify with a 7.102 with Aaron Tremayne’s equal 7.102 for sixth and seventh, with the list below showing the other results:

Pro Stock Qualifying Round Three
1. Scott Porter – 7.059 Sec / 192.99 Mph
2. Nick Xerakias – 7.070 Sec / 194.13 Mph
3. Shane Tucker – 7.074 Sec / 193.40 Mph
4. Lee Bektash – 7.088 Sec / 191.67 Mph
5. John Barbagallo – 7.093 Sec / 193.29 Mph
6. Aaron Tremayne – 7.102 Sec / 192.36 Mph
7. Peter Ridgeway – 7.102 Sec / 192.47 Mph
8. Dave Newcombe – 7.106 Sec / 1921.51 Mph
9. Tyronne Tremayne – 7.107 Sec / 191.73 Mph
10. Denis Whiting – 7.126 Sec / 192.17 Mph
11. Wayne Daley – 7.130 Sec / 192.17 Mph
12. Jason Hedges – 7.152 Sec / 190.86 Mph
13. Michael Ali – 7.158 Sec / 191.46 Mph
14. Brian Pursell – 7.169 Sec / 189.36 Mph
15. Bill Kotsias – 7.176 Sec / 190.70 Mph
16. Ian Brown – 7.180 Sec / 186.36 Mph
17. Jason Grima – 7.184 Sec / 189.07 Mph
18. Allen Puglia – 7.194 Sec / 190.19 Mph
19. John Galea – 7.199 Sec / 190.48 Mph
20. Bill Perdikaris – 7.204 Sec / 187.55 Mph
21. Arthur Kolaroff – 7.401 Sec / 187.47 Mph
22. Andrew Stavroulakis – 10.254 Sec / 89.30 Mph

Pro Stock Bike

10 bikes were qualifying in Pro Stock bike, and with those high-revving naturally aspirated engines, Andrew Badcock sat in number one position running a great 7.25-second pass just ahead of Peter Cochrane’s 7.33 in second place.Michael Gilbertson was in third just .04 of a second behind with a 7.379, and Phil Howard, who used to race on Top Bikes, went 7.45 for fourth.

Maurice Allen was just behind him in the tight field running a 7.47 for fifth, with Lachlan Ireland’s 7.601 slotting him into sixth. Glen Wooster went 7.603, just 2/1000ths behind for seventh, and Daniel Rabnott rounded out the consistent field with a 7.66.

Unfortunately, Mark Hancock and Ross Lemberg did not qualify.

Pro Stock Motorcycle Round Three
1.    Andrew Badcock – 7.253 Sec / 177.02 Mph
2.    Peter Cochrane – 7.339 Sec / 177.56 Mph
3.    Michael Gilbertson – 7.379 Sec / 178.68 Mph
4.    Phil Howard – 7.452 Sec / 171.25 Mph
5.    Maurice Allen – 7.476 Sec / 175.02 Mph
6.    Lachlan Ireland – 7.601 Sec / 175.80 Mph
7.    Glen Wooster – 7.603 Sec / 170.97 Mph
8.    Daniel Rabnott – 7.660 Sec / 170.04 Mph
9.    Mark Hancock – 7.737 Sec / 169.81 Mph
10.    Ross Lemberg – 7.861 Sec / 161.90 Mph


Pro Stock Motorcycle

10 bikes were qualifying in Pro Stock bike, and with those high-revving naturally aspirated engines, Andrew Badcock sat in number one position running a great 7.25-second pass just ahead of Peter Cochrane’s 7.33 in second place. Michael Gilbertson was in third just .04 of a second behind with a 7.379, and Phil Howard, who used to race on Top Bikes, went 7.45 for fourth. Maurice Allen was just behind him in the tight field running a 7.47 for fifth, with Lachlan Ireland’s 7.601 slotting him into sixth. Glen Wooster went 7.603, just 2/1000ths behind for seventh, and Daniel Rabnott rounded out the consistent field with a 7.66. Unfortunately, Mark Hancock and Ross Lemberg did not qualify.

Pro Stock Motorcycle Round Three
1. Andrew Badcock – 7.253 Sec / 177.02 Mph
2. Peter Cochrane – 7.339 Sec / 177.56 Mph
3. Michael Gilbertson – 7.379 Sec / 178.68 Mph
4. Phil Howard – 7.452 Sec / 171.25 Mph
5. Maurice Allen – 7.476 Sec / 175.02 Mph
6. Lachlan Ireland – 7.601 Sec / 175.80 Mph
7. Glen Wooster – 7.603 Sec / 170.97 Mph
8. Daniel Rabnott – 7.660 Sec / 170.04 Mph
9. Mark Hancock – 7.737 Sec / 169.81 Mph
10. Ross Lemberg – 7.861 Sec / 161.90 Mph

Wrap ups thanks to Phil Blondel

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