NEW CAR: Aussie Outlaw Anglia unveiled

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We previewed John Willard’s blown outlaw Anglia a while ago during the building phase, but now we can see the all-but complete version in its bad-ass glory.

You can check out the history behind the build here from our previous story:  

Inspired by witnessing the blown Outlaw Anglia class running in the UK and the build of Mick Taylor’s UK Banshee Racing Outlaw Anglia, Willard of Flat Out Services went about building an Australian version for racing here and the UK.

“Well it’s not quite ready but Flatout Services would like to present the ‘Aussie Outlaw’, a Flatout Services built, chrome-moly, double rail, 25-1 full chassis, carbon fibre-bodied Anglia built to compete in Outlaw Anglia Drag Racing UK and Supercharged Outlaws in Australia,” said Willard via Facebook.

“It’s powered by a supercharged BAE Hemi, through a Dominator Torque Converters converter to a three speed Lencodrive transmission, and a Flatout Services built floater/chromoly sheetmetal/four link rear end.

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“There are a few people that I would like to thank for their input during this build: my great friend Neil Webb (Gonzo). At times we have wanted to kill each other, but you have stuck with me from the very first day, and you have been – and still are – an invaluable contributor and asset to this build. My life long friend Stephen Busch, you put your hand up to look after the body prep without even being asked. Unfortunately this morphed into countless body modifications and therefore a huge amount of work for you, but you also stuck with it right up to the end and we ended up with a great product.

“Colin Boyd for not just the beautiful wiring job, but all of the behind the scenes work, organising of parts etc. Brett Gillespie for setting up the engine and fuel system and for the great fuel and oil plumbing using the highest quality XRP hoses and fittings. Thanks also to my son Doug Willard and my cousin Brad Willard for all of your help during the build, and my wife Margaret for not complaining about the endless spend.

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“I’d also like to welcome aboard our sponsors: Atlantic Oil, thanks Suzanne Lazar – sponsorship manager – for taking a chance with us. Owen Webb at Concept Paints thanks for the brilliant paint job and AAA Malibu Paint & Panel for the use of your brand new spray booth. Thanks Scott Ashby for the great paint prep. Thanks Colin Hardy for the fantastic artwork. Thanks Peter Mitcherson Engineering for all of the one off parts. Special mention to Mick Taylor and Lee Taylor and all of the Banshee Racing Drag Team, can’t wait to get over there and race all of the Outlaw Anglias!”

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