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We hear a lot of rumours with who has what and when, here is a brief wrap up of some of the new car news that has been brought to our attention over recent months.


In Top Doorslammer we will be seeing plenty of movement, John Canulli has the ex Dan Phillips Camaro, though the car has to undergo significant front end changes at SCF to become ANDRA legal.

Both Stephen Dupond and Peter Blake have early model Mustangs in the build.

Sean Mifsud will see delivery of a new Duster towards the end of the year.

The Peter Kapiris Studebaker has headed west to a brief but former Top Doorslammer racer returning.

Adam Croker has landed a new TA/FC we have heard.

While Jeff Clarke may also join the Top Alcohol ranks next season.

To the aspirated guys, Rob and Shane Tucker have gone shopping replacing their old ride with what we believe is a ex Rick Jones GXP, look for a possible two car assault at the Winters if the current car hasn’t moved.

Sacre and Muller have done it all in Super Stock and will be making the step up to Pro Stock with a new car.

Joining them in making the move from Super Stock will be Omar Sedmak.

Allen Puglia is rumoured to own the 2010 John Nobile Mustang.

Multiple national Super Sedan champions Greg and Steve Fowler have purchased a Bickel built Top Sportsman GXP which will really raise the SS/A record, they tested the car last week in Vegas running 6.80.

And of course we have Jay Upton finally confirming he will be moving into Top Fuel with his partner driving.

Also with the blossoming turbo car scene, we are expecting to see a number of America’s top turbo guru’s paying Australia a visit this year.

While nothing of the above is 100% until on track as usual and situations regularly change but if you can add to the above information or know of another ride debuting drop Drag News a line at .

Stay tuned for more new car rumours soon.

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