New Greene Machine

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Team Greene has purchased a new Nitro Funny Car body and chassis in their chase for a four.




The team bought the roller off Graeme Cowin who was not utilising it, but it originally it was the Shackleton car and still is the quickest and fastest Nitro flopper in the land.

“Graeme Cowin bought it and there it sat, and now we (Matt Treasure and the Greenes) own it but won’t be taking delivery until after our St Patrick’s Day 17th March meeting here at the Perth Motorplex,” said Cheryl Greene.

“We have got to the stage where we did 302.01MPH and now have a 4.9 in our sights and we thought it is time for an upgrade. Later model Pleuger chassis, 12” Chrisman rear end with limited runs on the gears, carbon fibre brakes all complete minus the engine.

“The late model body will obviously help us with better aerodynamics and the carbon fibre rear wing is also a bonus! same down force less drag.

“The 17th of March will probably be the last time the current car will run as a Nitro Funny Car, but will always remain in the camp as an emergency. Winter will be a busy time getting the new car ready for the 2012/13 season,” she said.

And no it will not be staying yellow!.

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