New hope for Warrnambool Drag Racing proposal

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Following the devastating news that the tireless efforts of the Warrnambool and Drag Racing District Association to build a new drag racing facility in the Victorian town was squashed by the local council, a unexpected supporter has shown himself that breathes new hope into the deal.

Just a few weeks ago The Warrnambool City Council and Moyne Shire inexplicably turned face on the proposal which they had been working on with WADDRA for the past three years, which you can read about here in our previous story –

While WADDRA and the Koroit business community would not be giving up the fight, a new ally just may turn the tables in their favour.

Former Moyne Shire councillor and now Upper House MP, James Purcell who worked with WADDRA during early stages of the proposal has been critical of the council’s sudden backflip on the basis of a couple of objections, and plans to meet with the Planning Minister – who can override the council – to discuss the matter.

“The minister can override the council,” Mr Purcell told local newspaper The Standard.

“This issue has been going for years and in my time on council (2008-14) I can never remember any real opposition from councillors to the drags coming to Koroit.

“It seems a very strange decision to reject their application at the eleventh hour considering the years of support and financial input from the council.

“Moyne Shire staff were the ones who first identified the Koroit Racecourse as an ideal location for the club when they lost access to temporary premises at the Warrnambool airport.

“They have assisted in grant applications and worked with Warrnambool City Council to assist in compiling the project’s planning permit.”

WADDRA has addressed all public concerns and has the funds to construct the dragstrip once the green light is given – lets hope commonsense prevails.

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