New look Mike Janis Racing team performs before heading to Australia

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The Mike Janis team will be making another trek to Australia this season to help prepare Sean Mifsud’s new Duster Top Doorslammer for competition.

“I will not have my car ready for the Nationals, so the plan is now for Mike to come over towards the end of November with the Jancen crew to set up and tune the car with its new Roots and converter set up and converter,” said Mifsud.

“We are just waiting on some little things to complete the new set up and we will be ready to go, we are building this thing to run at the pointy end of the field.

“Mike and the Jancen crew will be spending the week here in Sydney to get on top of the car,” he said.

For those unfamiliar with the US Pro Mod star, Janis just competed in the latest NHRA Pro Mod round debuting a new look team and sponsor.

Their K100 Fuel Treatments /  2012 Pro Mod Ford Mustang not only grabbed the attention of the competition, but even more so of the St. Louis fans and the NHRA.  The team was recognized by the NHRA and awarded with the “Best Appearing Car” of the event. 

“This was such an honor to receive an award like this.  This just shows how much time and effort have been going on behind the scenes to make all of this possible.  We can’t thank everyone enough in this process for all of your time and support,” said an elated Janis.

Janis managed to qualify in the 9th spot for the tough 16 car Pro Mod field with a 5.96 elapsed time at just over 244 mph. This would line the team up against the Canadian based team of Raymond Commisso in the first round of competition.  Raymond was off the line first, but it was no match for the power of the K100 Fuel Treatments / Mike Janis Superchargers Ford Mustang.  Janis recorded his best run of the weekend with a stellar 5.88 elapsed time at over 245 mph to take the round win.

After recording the first round win on Saturday evening, this now brought MJR into Sunday with a lot confidence.  Janis would pair up with number one qualifier and extremely tough competitor Donny Walsh.  Donny got the starting line advantage with an .012 reaction time to Janis’s  .035.  But by the 60 foot clocks,  Janis had already reeled Walsh in.  Mike was ahead all the way to the 1000 foot mark and on track to make his best run of the weekend until the engine went silent. 

“This thing was pulling in the car like no tomorrow.  We knew we needed to step our game up against Donny, and that is just what we did.  The car was fixing to run a mid 5.80 when she just went silent on me at 4.60 seconds into the run.  We hit the 1000 foot cones, and Donny just went flying by,” said Janis.  An ignition part had shorted out and was the culprit in the engine shutting down.

“All in all this was a huge weekend for Mike Janis Racing and the start of our new partnership with K100 Fuel Treatments.  To run as well as we did was just awesome, but to win the award for “Best Appearing Car” and to make all the St. Louis fans smile, was really an honor to our team,” said Crew Chief Mike Janis Jr.  “Our guys have the drive in them more than ever right now.  We will continue to work hard not only to win races, but to make sure every person we come across knows that K100 Fuel Treatments is by far the best product on the market, hands down.  This is just the beginning of great things to come for Mike Janis Racing, and I could not be happier to be part of such a great organization,” said Janis Jr.

The next event on the schedule for Mike Janis Racing is the ADRL CarSafe World Finals in Dallas, Texas October 19th-20th.

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