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With less than a week to Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Triple Challenge at Sydney Dragway, new Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars continue to show up – here are just a couple of the new rides coming.

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Jeff Penton has rolled out his stunning 1963 Corvette Corvette Funny Car, Penton has joined forces with Chris Stipanovich who is no stranger to nitro to field the Corvette’s running gear. Stipanovich will be driving the car for now and has begun testing with some impressive early shut off passes.


Harold Campbell is one of drag racing’s true wild-men, a legend made through his aptly named Insanity race cars, Campbell has been thrilling fans for years with his on-track antics. Now comes the next generation Insanity with the faithful Dodge Omni retired from active service. Campbell purchased the “Back To The Future” AONFC from Graeme Cowin and has been working diligently transforming the Plymouth Roadrunner into the next Insanity, and now it is ready for the track – we can’t wait.


Stephen and Aaron Russell are desperately trying to finish their new Outlaw Nitro Funny Car for the Triple Challenge event, the team have moved to a complete new car with crew chief Kim Tuohey also spending time overseas with a record holding IHRA Nitro Funny car team.


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