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The brand new Rocket Industries Mustang Top Fuel Funny Car for 400 Thunder Aeroflow Drag Racing Series championship leader Brandon Gosbell has been unveiled.

The virtually new Mustang bodied nitro funny car purchased from Tony Jurado in the U.S is an update on the older Dodge Charger bodied funny car and its running gear.

“It was a great car, that Charger, but an opportunity came up to buy a slightly more up to spec car, and it was an offer we couldn’t refuse,” said Brandon Gosbell at the car’s unveiling.

The car has already been tested, and one of the main setup differences is the move to a 6-disc clutch.

“We went out and tested, and lets say the results were pretty impressive so far,” said Gosbell.

“We’ve just gone from the 5 disc clutch to the 6-disc clutch, and basically that just gives us a bit more a tuning window to try some different things that we have been able to do previously. From a driving point of view it’s mind blowing how smoother they are.

Gosbell will debut the car at the JAX Tyres & Auto Super Thunder event at Willowbank Raceway on April 14 & 15.

Watch the full unveil here:

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