New surface and red hot testing in Sydney

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It has been six weeks since Sydney Dragway has seen any serious horsepower action with track works taking longer than planned. But the end result was a billiard table smooth surface that greeted over 140 racers last weekend for the first test and tune of the new season.

The concrete race surface was ground down and polished smooth, the test and tune designed to let racers lay down valuable rubber to rebuild traction back to a championship event level. There were some reservations about running on such a green surface, but these were soon dispelled with some cracker passes made.

Shane Olive was back behind of the wheel of the now renamed “Fast Company” Nostalgia Fuel Funny car of Graeme Cowin, Olive is still licensing but ran 6.11 on his first full powered pass.

Steve Greentree returned to the track with a fresh new look after significant body damage was sustained to the hearse last time out while negotiating the braking area turn. Greentree’s day ended early after one off pace lap when the fire bottles were accidentally discharged.

Also returning after a complete engine rebuild was Chad Taylor’s Landrover, switching to a auto and new datalogger setup, the team is still getting their head around the new gear.

Anthony Bool and Jeremy Boskovich weere also out testing in Supercharged Outlaws but both had drama’s and could not get a pass in.

Gary Watterson was out still learning the ropes with his recently purchased B/Gasser.

Plenty of hi revving Super Compact cars were out and we should see this class really to boom next season, Po Tung had no problem with the green surface improving on his full bodied Supra world record and AA/OM time with a 7.52, 190MPH

Superman Nick Tsoltoudis was easily recognised in his record breaking pink Rx3 coupe carrying the front wheels across the finishline. But no more, the car has gone through a complete rebuild and now is pearl white, Nick only managed to blow out the cobwebs during the day.

James Thomas’ RX3 coupe was one of many new cars to hit the track.

The day ended the wrong way up unfortunately though for Dom Rigoli in a customer’s Corolla, the four cylinder CC/SM Super Compact weapon clicked a earlier time of 7.66, 180MPH. But on a afternoon run a couple rods exited the block flipping the car over, Rigoli was fine and the damage minimal and they expect to have the car back on track in no time.

In the modified ranks Brenton Holmes had his own misfortune in his blown FED when a wheel exited stage left as the wheel nuts sheared off sending the immaculate FED spinning into the wall.

Dave Konkoly was having a much better day running a 7.84 PB

A new addition to the Modified was Steve Warren’s A/HR, though as you can see by the fire in the carby, new cars can be temperamental.

The staple of of Sydney drag racing scene, super quick sedans, Trick & Mansweto  cracked their first six second run in old faithful, 6.97, 198 to be the first Pro Street Unblown car into the region.

Pistol Pete Pisalidis debuted his new twin turbo Outlaw 10.5 Camaro, 7.000 on its first full pass with plenty left.

More turbo action with Joseph Somma’s potentially five second Mustang when they get on top of the tune up.

Stephen Gorsevski broke well into the sevens with a 7.84,178 in his twin turbo LC on its only second outing.

Peter Pronesti was holding the flag for the nitrous boys, 7.62, 182 from the 555ci big block a new personal best.

Robert Rigoli though found out the nitrous can be unforgiving while debuting a new BBF Camaro, a huge back fire across the finishline destroyed the front clip.

Zoran Gajic also had another new car out, though the day came to a crushing end when the Cortina suffered a failure across the line spinning into the concrete wall.

The new cars continued with Robert Basukoski’s Chev and Con Esta stepping out of his Super Street XC into a new XD Super Sedan.

Tony Polito had dad’s old Pro Stocker out for the first time as well.

A host of tough launching pocket rockets were out for Sport Compact fans.

Nick Zamagias had some huge launches of his own on the way to a 9.39, 143 from his LS3 VK.

Wheelstand of the day though went to a four banger, Andrew Stavrou stood up his Esky.

Kit Hunter’s gorgeous VL was on song with a 8.49, 159

Matthew Long starting to reach the potential of his Fontana powered Mustang 8.59, 157

Dominic Rigoli was having a much better day in their customers turbo six Falcon, ripping out a very impressive 9.10 at 159 MPH

Ben Pascuzzo continues to PB Australia’s quickest H pattern manual VL to a 9.11, 158

How is this for the ultimate sleeper, 9.73, 140 from the turbo wagon of Martin Mohan.

Plenty of Super Street action as well, John Guldbrandsen hasn’t been out for 4 years.

While it was Kirk McWade’s first time on track.

Allen Tsionis cranked a 10.44 which was a bit too quick for Super Street rules.

Was good to see a few more new Modified bikes out like Gavin Searle’s ‘busa.

Mick Dwinger  also debuted on a new ride.

Rex Baker now on a VROD hasn’t been on the track for around six years.

While Wally Hosta and Ron Adams were on some new rides.

Debutants replenished the Junior Dragster ranks as well, Danielle MacCaskell has joined her sister in the racing ranks.

Adam Saunders  expands the Skips racing team further.

Dominic Leonello has stepped into the vacated JD of Holly Mills.

Sydney Dragway’s track manager Ray Treasure helping to bring the new track surface up to spec.
The next event at Sydney Dragway is the first round of the NSW Track Championship this weekend.

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