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The off season has seen the debut of a number of new rides at Sydney Dragway, here are some snapshots of some of the latest on track bling.

Super Stock

Clint George stepped up form the “STRESS” Torana to this new B/APA Cavalier

Hakan Arif debuted the ex-Perdikaris Super Stocker. Running A/MP, the ute has an ex-Barbagallo Pro Stock motor under the bonnet.


Fred Nicastri’s E/GA Nissan Gazelle hit the track for the first time after a long build running an ex-Les Heintz bullet.

Supercharged Outlaws

Anthony Bool has finally pieced together his Outlaws Falcon

Geoff Gradden has fired up the spectacular Chrysler Saratoga, the car is under going signwriting in preperation for its debut

While not a new car, Travis Connor’s LC Torana has had one major upgrade, the car is now set for Outlaws and Pro Street duties.

The ex-Mick King Doorslammer is about to make a return to the track, now owned by Steven Greentree and prepped for Outlaws, it will be on track at the next Sydney Dragway T&T.


Peter Brown has had a major step up in performance going from his motorcycle engine powered dragster to this 7 second bullet.

Peter Milekovic out for the first time with his new Altered.

Coral Dyer decided the HAMBster wasn’t quick enough and for this low 8 second dragster.

Sport Compact

Dean Cordowiner imported from South America this crazy 7 second Starlet for CC/SC duties.

Another mint RX3 coupe for Sydney’s flourishing Sport Compact scene, this one of Karl Hammoud will also run CC/SC.

Paul Guardala’s high stepping R100 has been testing at street meets.

Paul Pfieffer’s 8 second RX7 in private testing.

Rod Boyd re-debuted the “DRAGME” RX3 after a extensive rebuild.

Bill Nabhan from Mazsport testing another customer car.

Super Sedan

Dave Camper took the oppourtunity at a private test day to hit the track with his Capri.

Mark Vardanega is showing up the V8’s with his turbo six cylinder Typhoon.

Bob Golic has given his LJ Torana a major overhaul now running a Pro Charger set up.

Brian Sims debuted this twin turbo small block RX3, the car started life as Rick Chilton’s back in the 80s.

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