New Trick & Mansweto weapon

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Lookout Australia the Trick & Mansweto boys have a new six second weapon heading for our shores.

The owners of Australia’s first and only Pro Street Unblown sedan into the six second zone will in a few weeks take delivery of a virtually new full chassis 2007 Mustang, taking aim at first the SS/A national record before possibly looking at some quicker goals.

The car from Stroupe Race Cars has less than 20 runs under its belt and will be coming with a 760ci Schmidt power plant backed by a Turbo 400, the team will run as is initially for predicted 6.70’s before taking to the spanners.

The future direction of the car is undecided at this time but options are to transplant the 694ci Capri Hemi motor and gas it, build a new 815ci mountain motor deal with four stages of gas and hang the hell on! or possibly join turbo revolution.

But whatever the guys decide to do you can ensure it will be real fast and another edition to the exploding super quick sedan scene.


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