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In what is a generally naturally aspirated dominated class Daniel Camilleri has been forging ahead in Super Stock with his turbo six cylinder VL Calais to great success, and now it is time for an upgrade.

The force fed six was a powerhouse in the Super Stock days of the Sammut brothers and their giant killing 300ZX, today really only sees Errol Quartermaine pushing the Ford boundaries over in Perth, and Camilleri from Victoria medalling with his the six banger.


The hard work from Camilleri is now paying off with the VL at the forefront of Super Stock field, however the old mild steel, ladder bar equipped VL chassis has been temperamental in the handling department while being still 180lbs overweight despite running under the 7.85 DD/GA National Record and owning the speed mark at 174.90MPH.

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So now the RB30 turbo combination is being slotted into a chassis a little more suitable for the class, a 1995 Pontiac Firebird. The car was built by Jerry Hass and was bought off Craig Marshman who never raced it, Craig had purchased it off Super Stock star Nino Cavallo beforehand.

With the help of Peter Ridgeway, Pro Pipes and Race Cars and Tunnel Vision Turbo Charging, the race is on now to plumb the car up for a debut in Adelaide with Camilleri Racing eager to see what their power plant can do in a more appropriate chassis.

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