Nexus MG Scoops Drag Racing Australia

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Nexus MG has been appointed by Drag Racing Australia Group to handle all the rights valuation, commercial strategy sponsorship, marketing and partnership acquisition for its Drag Racing series.
“Nexus MG have a great track record in rights valuation, sponsorship and commercial strategy in both the sports and entertainment spheres and will be the ideal partners for us as we head into the next stage of our growth of ANDRA Pro Series,” said DRAG Ltd CEO Paul Casos.

“Our goal is to build on our foundations to create an even better sporting product for our sponsors, fans, TV viewers and competitors,” he added. “The Board of DRAG Ltd are really looking forward to working with Nexus MG to make this happen.”

Nexus MG director Luke Jenkinson said he and his team are excited by the work

“As a sport Pro Series DRAG Racing has an extremely solid foundation. It has very healthy numbers of spectators and professional competitors and boasts an elite pathway that is backed with a number of investors which is crucial as the sport is not cheap to compete in.

“DRAG Ltd has a fresh vision and national expansion plans for competitions in Victoria and the Northern Territory. We are excited to power its valuation, partner strategy and acquisition components.”

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