Nine hundred cube Ford on the way

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The tenth season of Drag Racing in Western Australia has barely finished but the secret squirrel preparations of racers for the next season are well and truly in action.

This stunning new piece is currently being put together by Malaga’s Byrne Race Cars for Troy Salamar.

The chassis has been built from blueprints supplied by US-based Tim McAmis Race Cars.

It is a double rail construction chassis made entirely from chrome moly.

The body will be a late model Ford Falcon FG GT.

Byrne Race Cars proprietor Greg Byrne stated that Salamar has two engines ready for combat.

“Troy will start with a 500ci Shaffaroff combo and once sorted he will slide in a whopping 903ci Sony Leonard power plant,” he said.

“He has no particular class in mind as yet, he just wants to go and play!”



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