Nitro carnage – where did this Top Fuel dragster go nuclear?

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Reece Fish was testing at New Zealand’s Fram Autolite Dragway in Meremere last week when things got very hot for the man who was, at least until this weekend, the New Zealand record holder with a personal best of 5.22 seconds.

Earl Edwards of Popeye Pics captured this firey sequence.

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Cool, things look alright so far. Image by Earl Edwards.

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Uh oh, beginning to spin the tyres pretty hard, will it hold? Image by Earl Edwards.

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We have ignition. Image by Earl Edwards.

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Where there’s fuel, there’s fire! Image by Earl Edwards.

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If you look closely you can see the bank manager wincing in the background. Image by Earl Edwards.

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Well, at least the fire’s out… Image by Earl Edwards.

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…and there are some cool souvenirs. Image by Earl Edwards.

And here’s a video recorded from the stands.

The good news for Reece Fish is that he managed to get it all back together for the Nitro Shootout held on Saturday at Meremere. We’ll be bringing you a mini report from the event soon!


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