Nitro Slam’s new contender

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The racer who will take on Mark ‘The Nitro Madman’ Sheehan at this Saturday’s Nitro Slam has been revealed with Matt Abel to step up to the plate in Rory Taylor’s new ‘Fun-da-mental’.

The Camaro-bodied Nitro Funny Car marks a new phase for Taylor and his well known Speed Torque business, with hopes that he can put up a good fight against Sheehan.

“We really just want to go down the track three times and hopefully go side by side with Mark,” Rory said.

Taylor has already tuned his Nitro Thunder Pontiac to a best of 5.60 under the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car rules.

The Fun-da-mental Camaro is about 180kg lighter than Nitro Thunder with 500 cubic inches of nitro-fuelled muscle up front. Taylor has changed the supercharger and will have a new injector hat to deliver more power with solid mid-fives his first target.

“Most of the weight saving is in the body, this one is carbon fibre and kevlar compared to all the fibreglass on Nitro Thunder,” he said. “It also has the big wing on it for downforce.”

Taylor has been out testing today with Abel, check out their first burnout below.

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