Nitro SNAFU fire up

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If you were not aware of the dangers of starting a blown car you will be after viewing these two videos of a crew being run down by at Nitro Nostalgia funny car when the fire up procedure went drastically wrong.



At Maple Grove Raceway last weekend during the Cavalcade of Funny Car event, the crew of the Mike Halstead driven “Candies and Huges” Nostalgia Funny Car got their fire up procedure all wrong with the car blasting to life while the injectors were wide open sending the funny car careering over the top of crew members. The sauce bottle top looked like it became jammed in the butterflies sticking the throttle open, fortunately Halstead had hit the fuel shut off quickly before advancing too much further than the track.



No one was serious unharmed, but highlights the importance of procedure and crew training when dealing with these machines and as if Nitro in not dangerous enough!



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