No team orders in Rapisarda camp this weekend

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There will be no team orders when first-time team-mates Larry Dixon and Damien Harris go head to head at the Santo Crane’s Super 3 Extreme meeting at Willowbank Raceway this weekend.

“The pressure will be on Larry and tuner Lee Beard this weekend,” Harris told DNA.

“They arrive in Australia with an outstanding record of achievement on the NHRA. However, many American race teams over the years have struggled after seriously underestimating the depth of the talent we have here in Australia.

“As the only two car team this weekend the first rule of racing is to finish in front of your team-mate and I’m confident that Rapisarda’s “Aussie” team can defeat the American visitors.” he said. 

Rapidarda Autosport International also welcome onboard a new sponsor for this event.

“This is the first meeting with the support of my long time sponsor Best Tractor Parts under the umbrella of the Rapisarda family and I believe that I have the team to give me a racing winning car.”

tinojnrSantino and Santo Jnr to take on the field crewing for Harris

Tuning the Harris car will be an all Australian affair as Santo Junior shapes up as crewchief to show he can take on the field.

“Junior” Rapisarda will be tuning and has spent the last couple of weeks prepping the car.” Harris said.

“We did a test session at Sydney Dragway and found a couple of gremlins with the set up. We took the car out to 330 feet and all was comfortable and went well.

“I’m confident “Junior” will produce a great car straight off the trailer. With the single day qualifying and race format there will be no opportunity to chase a set up,” he said.

“The ideal result on Saturday night would be for our team to hand the Louie Rapisarda Top Fuel trophy to Santo.

And I’m quietly confident that we can deliver and as an added bonus land Rapisarda International Autosport their first ever wins on local soil,” Harris concluded.

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