NSW ANDRA Members information meeting

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The ANDRA NSW DC has arranged an information meeting for all ANDRA Members/Racers on the current championship situtation that has concerned all.

The ANDRA NSW DC has released the following information about the night.

It will be held at Smithfield RSL on Wednesday 29th July 2015 in the Orion room at 7.00pm.

The intention of the meeting is:

• To voice racer questions and concerns and to put in writing and present to ANDRA and Sydney Dragway.
• To hear direct from ANDRA and Sydney Dragway about intentions for the next season
• To dispel rumours
• To gain first hand information from Sydney Dragway and ANDRA.
• To remind racers that for the good of the sport to keep discussions in-house and off social media

Meeting agenda:
• Meeting called to session at
• Introduce the Chair (and his/her role for the evening)
• Introduce others (and their roles for the evening)
• State that the meeting will be recorded
• Rules of Behaviour
  o Failure to respect the meeting will result in being asked to leave.
  o Please respect the premises
  o Any children present must be fully supervised.
  o Please show full respect to anyone speaking and do not but in or heckle. You will be given your opportunity to ask questions.
  o Please keep your language clean
  o If your point or question has already been voiced, please there is no need to raise it again.
  o Accept the decision of the chair if asked to stop speaking, or wind it up.
  o Only one speaker at a time can have the floor. The Chair will let you know.
  o When you have the floor, please stand, state your name and your association to drag racing. (eg: sedan driver, crew, parent) Speak loud and clear, and get to the point quickly so everyone has an opportunity to speak.
• Open the floor for discussion

We wish to give the parties presenting notice of questions so if you have a question please email it back to us to add it to the list to be addressed.

We have had confirmation from ANDRA that a member of the Board and the CEO will be in attendance and are awaiting confirmation from Sydney Dragway.

Please advise your intention of attendance and any questions by return email so we can ensure room is available for all attending.

Email: newsouthwales@andra.com.au

If you are unable to attend we are arranging a live web broadcast that you will be able to listen into the meeting and it will have the facility for you to ask questions.

Advise us you wish to tune in via the webcast via return email and we will send you the link.

We look forward to your participation on the 29th July 2015

ANDRA NSW Divisional Council

Please note: Last questions received by 10.30am Tuesday 28th July to give time for response to be prepared for the meeting.


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