NZ bonus – a look back at V4&R Nationals

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When a bunch of Australian roustabouts were invited to race at the V Four & Rotary Nationals in New Zealand, we kept our fingers crossed that they would represent Australia well and stay out of trouble.

For the most part we think they accomplished that goal. Of course they were lying down on the job at times, as can be seen above when they had their cars on display at the pre-drag race show.

Dave Reid from hit us up with some pics from his tour of duty behind the camera.


Of course, there are benefits to being a star touring racer. At least the car can say it was underneath the covers with a model.


We don’t want to say our Australian ambassadors were taking advantage of the situation, but Chris Fakinos was able to enjoy the benefits of showing his beautiful R100. Good to see he wore his best track pants for the occasion!


They come in all shapes and sizes in New Zealand. How about Stu Lawton’s Mazda SP20? Believe it or not, the spoiler, lexan and screamer pipe were not factory options.


Dom Luppino was there to represent V8 horsepower, six second passes did not disappoint.


Honourary Australian Rod Harvey smokes in Meremere.


No matter whether you love fours, sixes, rotaries or V8s, everyone loves jet cars! The flame throwing SuperCharge Batteries Dodge Avenger.


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