Oceania College Supra sprints into the 200 zone with first Australian-built billet 2JZ

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The Oceania College/101 Motorsport Toyota Supra, driven by Queensland’s Varun Sharma, has blitzed to an impressive personal best of 7.02 seconds at a huge 200 miles per hour (approximately 323kmh) during pre-event testing for this weekend’s Honeywell Garrett Brisbane Jamboree presented by Link ECU and Tuners Edge.

Sharma was one of many competitors taking advantage of testing ahead of the highly competitive event and was understandably pleased with the steps forward they made this evening (image courtesy dragphotos.com.au).

“It felt pretty good out there, we are still far from finished but with a new engine and a new combo we are getting a handle on it. We had been having trouble getting off the start line but we have figured that out tonight,” he explained.

“The ‘200’ pass was really nice – we are still only on 62 pounds of boost and this new engine combo can take 80, plus we have a shot of nitrous to put on top of it. It felt fast and it felt good to run consistently with the 7.1, 7.0 and 7.1 second passes. We didn’t get that six just yet, but we will get it next time!”

Oceania College CEO Saurav Singh said an Australian-first engine was powering the popular red Supra.

“This is a huge achievement for a car that has been built in a really short space of time. We are really happy with what we have achieved today,” Singh said.

“We didn’t get much testing time with the brand new engine which is Australia’s first billet 2J engine, so we are trying to push the limits and seeing how we go. We were aiming for a high six second pass at 200mph, we are half way there and we will tune it better and try and go faster, that is our aim.

“Oceania College is a training college for all the automotive trades, we do it all and and this is all about giving back to the automotive industry; as it creates job and the funds go back into the industry which helps create more jobs for more apprentices.”

Wilfred Chang, the engine builder for the team, said there was plenty more to come for the new combination.

“We work with Bullet Race Engineering and they developed the first Billet 2J in the country so when Saurev asked us to build an engine to chase the six second pass, we recommended they go down that route. We have another ten pound of boost to put in it and we will put that in slowly as we do more passes and hopefully we will get the time that we want,” Chang said.

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