Official statement from Calder Park on track upgrades

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Calder Park Drag Racing has officially announced the first event for 2015 has been scheduled, as work gets under way on the much-anticipated upgrade of the iconic Melbourne track.

Calder Park (Jane Corporation) yesterday confirmed Stage 1 of works work will shortly begin on the drag strip. These works include: extending the concrete surface, flat grinding the entire concrete section, and laying new asphalt on 660-1000ft areas in both lanes. The improved asphalt surface will be flat and smooth ensuring no bumps on the transition area and beyond.

Calder Park Drag Racing promoter and racer Peter Pisalidis said that while the drag racing community waited for the full works to be completed, street meets, test and tunes and local events could be run and now are scheduled for in the interim.

The much-anticipated first test and tune event will be held on Sunday, 30 August.

“We want to keep all the Victorian drag racing community ‘in-tune’ and racing on a controlled, safe and fast environment,” Mr Pisalidis said.

“I truly hope that all the street and racing community, as well as our fans, appreciate this is a great step forward for all of us Melbournians. Thanks to Rodney Jane, ANDRA and all of you for your support, so see you back at the drags soon.”

ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley said ANDRA was excited at the prospect of racing occurring at Calder Park and looked forward to Championship events being held at the upgraded track.

“ANDRA is now looking into the possibility of holding an event at Calder prior to next January’s Championship round,” Mr Bulley said.

“ANDRA congratulates Peter on bringing back drag racing to Calder and we extend our appreciation to the Jane Corporation for its ongoing support, both to the future of drag racing in Australia and to ANDRA itself.”

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